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DSI Description

Distributed System Interface [DSI] was developed by Motorola [now Freescale] as a dedicated safety bus.
The DSI is a niche area network (NAN) designed to interconnect multiple remote sensor and actuator devices to a central control module.
A single Master controlling a number of slaves on a two wire multi-drop bus, attached to the bus in a daisy chain or parallel connection.
DSI is a two-wire serial bus linking safety-related sensors and components in vehicles, air-bags for example.
The DSI bus uses a 3-level voltage scheme in a Master/Slave access approach.
Idle voltage is 7 volt min, High voltage 4.175v min, and low voltage 1.675 max.
Data speed is up to 4Kbps [minimum], and a 4 bit CRC. [single bit time is 200uS max]
The lines are DSI Bus Input [BUSin], DSI Bus Output [BUSout], and Bus Return [BUSRTN].

DSI messages are composed of individual words separated by a frame delay. Transfers are full duplex at a minimum data rate of 5bps [no maximum is set]. Command messages from the master occur at the same time as responses from the slaves. Slave responses to commands occur during the next command message.
The maximum number of nodes allowed is 16, 1 Master with 15 Slaves.

DSI Bus Standard; Version 2.02, March 2005

Note; Motorola's Integrated Circuit division is now called Freescale.

Read more on the different type of Topologies, as in a multi-drop bus or interface.
Some of the descriptions apply to Automotive interfaces, as well as Cable Buses.

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