DisplayPort Video Interface

The DisplayPort Video Interface was released in 2007 and supports a QXGA monitor [2048 x 1536]. The 2048 x 1536 resolution requires 4 lanes of data [the maximum].

The electrical interface is LVDS. The DisplayPort Video bus supports 1, 2 or 4 lanes, with 4 lanes transferring 10.8Gbps, or 2.7Gbps rate per lane [pair].

The DisplayPort Video 1.0 Interface provides 2x the performance of DVI. The maximum cable length of the DisplayPort Video cable is 15 meters long.

DisplayPort is being produced to replace the DVI interface and the VGA interface [SVGA and others].
DisplayPort uses a smaller connector than DVI, so thin notebooks benefit from the new connector.

DisplayPort is a Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) standard, while Mini DisplayPort [mDP] is an Apply only standard, controlled by Apple.
Mini DisplayPort is very similar to DisplayPort but uses a smaller connector.

The latest version of DisplayPort released in January 2010 [version 1.2] increases the bandwidth to 21.6Gb/s - 5.4Gb/s per lane.
Apple's Mini DisplayPort connector is now part of the new specification too.
Engineering note: a small [b] infers bits per second, a capital [B] would imply Bytes per second.

DisplayPort Video Interface Pin Out
Pin Number Signal name Pin Number Signal name
ML_Lane 0(p)
ML_Lane 0(n)
ML_Lane 1(p)
ML_Lane 1(n)
ML_Lane 2(p)
ML_Lane 2(n)
ML_Lane 3(p)
ML_Lane 3(n)
Hot Plug Detect

ATI PCI express card with DisplayPort Interface
ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics card (VGA, DisplayPort)

The PCI Express video card shown above provides both a SVGA connector and a DisplayPort connector.
Monitors usually also have two connectors, an SVGA and either a HDMI or DisplayPort.
A/V gear will have either an SVGA or HDMI or both, or perhaps a DVI connector.
The AOC 2436vh monitor purchased [12-2010] by the editor has an HDMI and an analog RGB D-sub connector [no DVI].
It would seem that the standard is one analog input, as in a SVGA D-sub connector.
Followed by a digital input; DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI.
Each of these video outputs may interface with each other using an adapter.
The question is which video standard should you get; the latest available one on the market [DisplayPort].

DisplayPort Adapters

DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D Monitor Cable
--- Digital monitor connection to digital video card.
--- will not support a DVI-I [analog] monitor

DisplayPort to VGA Monitor Cable
--- Analog monitor connection to digital video card.

Video Interface IC's

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc {DisplayPort Transmitters, DisplayPort Receivers ICs, 15 meter cable length}
IDT {DisplayPort Link Extender, Repeater, Receiver}
Intersil {DisplayPort Lane Extender}
NXP {DisplayPort to VGA adapter IC}
STMicroelectronics {DisplayPort ICs}
TI {1:2 DisplayPort Switch}

eDP: Embedded DisplayPort
iDP: Internal DisplayPort

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Personal Computer Video Interfaces

Refer to the main PC Video Monitor Bus page, or to the main PC Interface Bus page. Use the Buses icon at the bottom of the page to reach the top level index for all bus types. Use the Equipment icon at the bottom of the page to reach manufacturers of PC Monitors. A few other current Video standards are listed below, refer to the Monitor link above to see them all.

DVI [Digital Visual Interface]: DVI interfaces are currently in full production and can handle digital or analog signals.

FPDI [Flat Panel Display Interface] describes the electrical layer, logical layer, and connector interface between flat panel displays and display controllers in an integrated environment. Also FPDI-1, used with VGA and SVGA [800 x 600]. Followed by FPDI-2

HDMI [High Definition Multimedia Interface] describes the video interface for consumer Audio Visual entertainment equipment

SVGA [Super VGA] offers more colors and resolutions. The primary standard refers to the BIOS, and how the computer talks to the monitor. VESA Display Data Channel [DDC] is a VESA standard that defines how to read certain pins in a standard SVGA monitor to query the monitor's capabilities.

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