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TVS Diode Array. A group of TVS diodes contained with in a single semiconductor package [possible Package Styles].

Transient Voltage Suppressor: 'TVS', is designed to absorb a transient over-voltage. The device may be designed as Uni-Polar device protecting in one direction or a Bi-Polar device protecting the circuit in both directions. TVS manufacturers are listed on the Transient Voltage Suppressor page [Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers]. TVS devices are used in parallel with the load.

The diodes within the package may be isolated from one another or interconnected in any number of configurations. For example; a package may contain a number of diodes with all the cathodes [common cathode], or anodes [common anode] connected together.

Bidirectional TVS Array, 16-pin DIP package.
A Bidirectional TVS offers line protection from either positive or negative voltage surges, but there may be causes when the circuit does not require this level of protection.

16-pin DIP TVS Array Schematic
Bidirectional TVS Array

Uni-directional TVS Array, 16-pin DIP package.
Single direction protection is shown below.

Uni-directional TVS Array
Unidirectional TVS Array

Note that it is common design practice to dump any excess current to ground as shown in the graphics above; but it is not a requirement. An engineer is free to shunt the over voltage into any part of the circuit they desire, it just makes for a better design when the current or voltage goes to ground.

IC Dual In-Line-Package Graphic [DIP]

Diode Array DIP Package

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