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Diode Arrays

Diode Array. A group of diodes contained with in a single semiconductor package [possible Package Styles]. The diodes within the package may be isolated from one another or interconnected in any number of configurations. For example; a package may contain a number of diodes with all the cathodes [common cathode], or anodes [common anode] connected together.

Common Cathode Diode Array, 1N5768 [Flat Pack package]
Similar to a 1N6100, or 1N6510 Flat Pack
Similar to a 1N6511 DIP, or 1N6101 DIP package

Diode Array 1N5768 Schematic
Common Cathode Isolated Diode Array

Common Anode Diode Array, 1N5770 [Flat Pack package]

Diode Array 1N5770 Schematic
Common Anode Isolated Diode Array

Common Anode/Cathode Diode Array, 1N5772 [Flat Pack package]
Similar to a 1N6509 DIP or 1N5774 Flat Package, in a different pinout
Similar to a 1N6496 Flat Package, in a different pinout

Diode Array 1N5772 Schematic
10-Pin Common Anode/Cathode Isolated Diode Array

Engineering applications for the 1N5772 diode array include protection or steering diodes on high frequency data lines, such as RS232 lines, RS422 interface lines, or computer I/O ports

IC Flat Pack package Graphic

Diode Array Package

The 1N5772 isolated diode array can handle a continuous forward current of 300mA per diode, with a peak surge current of 500mA DC. The 1N5772 has a power dissipation of 400mW of power at 25C, but should be derated by 2.4mA/C above 25C. A power dissipation of 500mW at 25C is possible but the 1N5772 should than be derated by 4mW/C above 25C

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