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Diode Array. A group of diodes contained with in a single semiconductor package [possible Package Styles]. The diodes within the package may be isolated from one another or interconnected in any number of configurations. For example; a package may contain a number of diodes with all the cathodes [common cathode], or anodes [common anode] connected together.

Common Cathode Diode Array, 1N6506 [DIP package]

Common Cathode Diode Array using pin number for 1N6506
Common Cathode Diode Array

Common Anode Diode Array, 1N6507 [DIP package]

Common Anode Diode Array using pin number for 1N6507
Common Anode Diode Array

Common Anode/Cathode Diode Array, 1N6508 [DIP package]
The 1N6508 package will handle up to 300mA continuous DC current.
The normal protection circuit would connect pin 1 to Vcc and pin 14 to ground. With the common point [2, 3, 5, 7...] to each I/O port of the data lines.

Dual Diode Array for a 1N6508 device
Common Anode / Cathode Diode Array

Primarily these diode packages are used as steering diodes to protect high frequency data lines like RS232 and RS422 networks. A steering diode, steers current spikes from the data lines to either the power line, ground line or both so that the current surge or ESD spike does not reach the I/O pin of the line driver.

IC Dual In-Line-Package Graphic [14-pin DIP], Diode Array Package

Diode Array DIP Package
14-pin Ceramic DIP

Technical note; there are between 8 and 16 diodes in a single 14-pin Dual In-Line Package, so power dissipation needs to be taken into account. It's just not possible to place 16 different components with a single package and expect each diode to be able to draw a large amount of current or dissipate any power. The forward current of the 1N6508 is 0.3 amps. Read more on How to De-rate Diodes.

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