Digital Media Port [DMP]

The DMP [Digital Media Port]: Interface is used as an A/V interconnect on gear developed by Sony.
However there is no guarantee the interface resides on any given unit. Digital Media Port originated in 2007.
Here are a few Sony components that have a Digital Media Port interface [2010]
1. iPod cradle with Digital Media Port [the DMPORT is the cable leaving the unit, not the cradle].
2. Wi-Fi client with Digital Media Port.
3. Home Theater A/V Receiver with Digital Media Port [STR series].
Digital Media Port is an interface from a main unit like a receiver to a peripheral unit like a TV.
The cable length seems to be 1.5 meters, and 0.6 meters has also been found.
The DMPort cable also carriers power to units such as the iPod cradle which in turn powers the iPod.

DMP Connector Pin Out
Signal name Pin Number
VBUS(5V) 2
NC 3
WM A/D 10
L- 11
R- 12
L+ 13
R+ 14
WM RX 15
WM TX 16

The DMPort signal assignments have not been verified.
It seems only Sony uses this interface, which they developed.
Digital Media Port does not exist on non-Sony components.
Also Digital Media Port does not appear to be in any working group from a standards committee.
So there appears to be no chance that Digital Media Port will be released as a general standard.
Or appear on devices produced by companies other than Sony.
Of course that doesn't make this proprietary interface any less important, or maybe important only to users of Sony gear.

I assume Sony and other companies produce their own interfaces to save on not paying royalties for some other interface.
Perhaps they are able to produce an inexpensive interface that does not have to be so generic that anyone could adopt it.

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