cPCI and PXI card size

The basic out line dimensions for either the cPCI or cPXI boards is shown below.
Both card sizes are shown, with the 6U size being more common.
Metric units are used in the first graphic, while english units are shown in the second graphic.
The drawings show the number of the connectors [just below] and the connector type for each location [farther below].
Links are provided for the different signal assignments, which are provided on a different page.

cPCI Card Size
CompactPCI [cPCI] Board Dimensions

Note; 3U and 6U define a board form factor used by a number of standards.
Although the different standards define completely different physical connectors and I/O.

cPCI Connector Keying:

Either J1 or J4 may be keyed
J1: Key for either 3U or 6U cards provides for three options
.....Absent: 3.3v or 5v signaling
.....Blue: 5 volt signaling
.....Yellow: 3.3 volt signaling

J4: Key for 6U cards provides for two options
.....Red: CTBus
.....Green: VME64 Extensions

cPCI Pin-Outs P1 Signal names, P2 Signal names

cPCI uses 2mm 'Hard Metric'; IEC 1076-4-101, a number of different pin arrangements. Normally the outside Ground rows (which are compression pins) 'Z' and 'F' are not counted as pins. OEM pin numbering may be by cPCI or in accordance with IEC 61076-4-101 (which is reversed). The term "Hard Metric" only means that metric dimensions are preferred ~ with-out regard to inches. Connector manufacturers [vendors] are listed on the main CompactPCI [cPCI] page.

The types below are counting signal pins (not the ground rows), as indicated on many data sheets:

Type A; 110 pins, Keyed (J1/J4),([25 rows x 5 columns] - [3 rows x 5 columns of Key])
Type B; 110 pins (J2/J5), [22 x 5]
Type B; 95 pins (J3), [19 x 5]. This is also used as P0 with VME64
Type C; 55 pins [11 x 5]
Type AB; 95, 110, or 125 pins

There are other connector types:
Type L; # contact cavities to accept power insert contacts
Type M; # contact cavities to accept power insert contacts/with half the connector having normal pins

cPCI Board Dimension
CompactPCI [cPCI] Board Dimensions, Connector Type locations

cPCI and PXI use the same form factor [card size]. cPCI and PXI use the electrical bus standard of PCI [with a few changes].
CPCI also uses the same form factor as VME; however the VME 3U format was almost never implemented because only the P1 connector was available.
A 3U card conforming to cPCI may find a more common usage with the increase in the number of I/O from both P1 and P2 connectors.
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