VXI bus P3 Connector Pinout

The table below lists the signal assignments for the P3 connector on the VXI bus.
Only 9U high VXI boards will use the P3 connector.
Pinouts are provided for both the slot 0 card and slots 1 to 12 cards.
The VXI interface uses DIN 41612 connectors.
Companies that manufacturer DIN style connectors may be found on the VMEbus page.
Slot 0 represents the system slot, while the other slots are used for regular card functions.

VXI Bus P3 Slot-0 Pin OutVXI Bus P3 Slot-1 Pin Out

The two tables above list the VXI P3 connector pin-outs and signal names. The connector is a 96 pin DIN (41612) 3 rows x 32 pins @ IEEE 1014-1987. The first table defines the pin-out for Slot 0, the second table describes the VXI P3 pin-out for all other slots. The differences between VXI and VME {VXI P3 additions} are listed below:

CLK100: 100MHz differential ECL Clock; Sourced from Slot 0 and bused to slots 1 to 12 on P3. Buffering occurs on the back plane, with each slot appearing as a single destination (individually buffered).

SYNC100: Bused to slots 1 to 12 on P3. Buffering occurs on the back plane, with each slot appearing as a single destination (individually buffered).

ECLTRG2-5: ECL single ended 50 ohm Trigger Lines; Any module may drive or receive these lines. Also refer to Timing for the VXI Trigger Signals..
Used for intermodule timing. Identical to lines 0 and 1 on the P2 bus.

LBUS12-35: Local Bus, Daisy chained keyed bus; may be either ECL or TTL. The signals are bused between adjacent slots only, I believe the keyed position determines if two adjacent cards will talk to one another [Identical to P2 Local Bus Lines].

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The VME bus Interface description is listed on the VMEbus page.

Recall that P3 connectors are only used in 9U systems.
VXI systems are not very common, and large 9U chassis are even less common.

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