VME Bus Connector Mechanical Dimensions

The graphic below shows connector styles for the VME specification, revisions D and below, and VME64x.
These connectors do not mate with VPX style connectors regardless of the electrical interface.
As noted in the graphic the connectors shown below follow the DIN41612 standard.

VMEbus Connector Styles and dimensions
VME DIN 41612 Connector Styles; Pin and Split-pin Coax

The Diagram above provides a number of VMEbus connectors, including 3 x 32 pins 5 rows x 32 pins and a number of P2 Split Pin Coax types.
There are a number of different types:
P1 and P2 are 96 pin DIN (41612, Type C) 3 rows x 32 pins [Pitch 2.54mm (.100")] @ IEEE 1014-1987
P1 and P2 are 160 pin DIN (41612, Type C Expanded) 5 rows x 32 pins [Pitch 2.54mm (.100")] @ ANSI/VITA 1-1994
P2 is a Split DIN / RF Coax (DIN 41612 Type M) DIN + Coax @ 78 + 2, 60 + 4, 42 + 6, 24 + 8
P0 is a 95 pin 2mm 5 rows x 19 pins (IEC 1076-4-101), PCI Style @ VITA 1.1-1997
The class of connectors determines the number of insertions it's designed to handle per DIN 41612 [Mechanical Endurance].
DIN connectors may be purchased in one of three usability classes.
Class 1: 500 mating cycles
Class 2: 400 mating cycles
Class 3: 50 mating cycles

Note: There is a another split-pin coax connector not shown above, it uses 10 coax connectors, 5 coax connectors above and 5 coax below the signal contacts.

DIN 41612 Size [Standard or Reverse Pinout]
DIN 41612 Size
Orientation Standard Inverse Standard Inverse Standard Inverse Standard Inverse Standard
Max Number of Contacts
Contact Row Designation

Power Connectors which may define the same split pin arrangements shown above are defined in VITA 30.2.
However in the case of power connectors the pin and 'coax' connectors are power pins [or power control pins].
VITA 30.2 references IEC 60603-2 Type M connectors [4 top/4 bottom Cylindrical].
VITA 30.2 also defines single contact circular pins for power [Power Tap].
VITA 30.2 also defines Power Blade connectors which perform the same function but have their power contacts as knife edges instead of circular contacts.
In addition an IEC 60603-2 Type F Connector is defined.
A PICMG 2.11 Connector is defined. The connector pinout for each type is called out in the VITA 30.2 Standard.

The VME Bus page has additional details including connector types, bus pin outs, and electronic equipment and component manufacturers, [DIN connector manufacturers].

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