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VME Bus 'C' Board Size

This is a diagram of a VME bus 'C' size card. The maximum size of the C board is shown below.
The C-size card is an elongated version of a standard 6U card, being twice as long.
So the C-size card needs a chassis with a longer card cage, although having the same height as a standard 6U chassis.
The connector locations and component keep-out areas are indicated, face-plate screw locations are also indicated.
The normal thickness for a VME [or VXI board] is 90 mil, which could accommodate a large number of board layers.
If the card requires an increased thickness because of an increased number of layers than the top and bottom card edges may be milled down.
Milling the edges would still allow the card to slide into a normal card guide, even though the main card is thicker.
Component height and other detailed data on the VME bus may be found on the VMEbus page, or VXIbus page.
Additional data is provided after the mechanical drawing below.

VMEbus Mechanical Dimensions

VXI Bus C size Card Mechanical Dimensions
Mechanical drawing; VME Size Dimensions Printed Wiring Board

IEEE 1101.1 Base Document for Mechanics ~ Defines 3U/6U/9U (high) x 100/160/220/280/340/400mm (Long) cards
IEEE 1101.10 Mechanics for VME Boards and Subracks
IEEE 1101.11 Mechanics for Rear Transition Modules [3U, 6U & 9U reduced length]

Three card heights are allowed with VME; 3U, 6U, or 9U; a single slot card is 6T wide. Board length is either 160mm or 340mm.
Height is given in 'U' [1U = 43.60mm], Length is given in 'mm', Width is given in 'T' or HP [1HP = 5.08mm [HP: Horizontal Pitch];
Possible card sizes listed below are one slot or 6T wide
A size PWB Dimensions = 3U x 160mm,
B size PWB Dimensions = 6U x 160mm,
C size PWB Dimensions = 6U x 340mm, [This topic]
D size PWB Dimensions = 9U x 340mm ... H x L x W {@ width=6T}
A, B, C, and D are VXI terms. VME normally only references 3U or 6U by a length

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Editor note; although the C-size card is common in VXI or maybe VME, many other board standards that use 6U cards do not define a C-size card.
So the C board size will not be that common, but if the interface standard defines one, these would be the appropriate dimensions.

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