VMChannel Pinout

VMChannel [VESA Media Channel] describes a hardware interface for desktop multimedia systems.
The VMChannel [VMC] is a multiple master, multiple drop, clock synchronous interface designed for concurrent pixel data streams.
VMChannel is an industry standard 32-bit bus designed for carrying video data.
VMChannel enables the real time flow of uncompressed multimedia pixels in a bidirectional fashion between multiple video adapters.
This electrical interface is out-dated and should not be used in new designs, although the signal assignments are valid.

VMChannel Connector Pinout
Pin # Signal name Pin # Signal name
1 SAN 35 N/C*
2 N/C* 36 DGND
3 BSN[0] 37 BSN[1]
6 N/C 40 DGND
9 MASK0 43 MASK1
10 DGND 44 DATA[0]
11 DATA[1] 45 DGND
12 DATA[2] 46 DATA[3]
13 DGND 47 DATA[4]
14 DATA[5] 48 DGND
15 DATA[6] 49 DATA[7]
16 DGND 50 DATA[8]
17 DATA[9] 51 DGND
18 DATA[10] 52 DATA[11]
19 DGND 53 DATA[12]
20 DATA[13] 54 DGND
21 DATA[14] 55 DATA[15]
22 DGND 56 DATA[16]
23 DATA[17] 57 DGND
24 DATA[18] 58 DATA[19]
25 DGND 59 DATA[20]
26 DATA[21] 60 DGND
27 DATA[22] 61 DATA[23]
28 DGND 62 DATA[24]
29 DATA[25] 63 DGND
30 DATA[26] 64 DATA[27]
31 DGND 65 DATA[28]
32 DATA[29] 66 DGND
33 DATA[30] 67 DATA[31]
34 DGND 68 SBN

The VMChannel pinout table has not yet been verified. Pin signal names indicated with a N/C* are unknown and may be connected to a signal.
The VMChannel may be an access slot or interface connector; as a 68 position connector, 1.27mm center-line, accepting a ribbon cable.
The VMchannel appeared in PC in the early 1990's and does not appear to be used any longer.

Electrical interfaces are listed on this site regardless of them being active or obsolete, VMChannel happens to be obsolete.

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