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Through Hole Device Package Type

IC DIP chip Package Type Drawing

The Ceramic Dual In-Line Package [DIP] is shown above. In this case a Ceramic glass-sealed package.

Additional Through Hole Package Types
CCGA: Ceramic Column Grid Array
C-DIP: Ceramic Dual In-line Package [CERDIP]
CERDIP: Ceramic DIP Ceramic DIP
CPGA: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, CPGA Graphic
DIL: Dual In-line Dual In-Line Dual Row
DIP: Dual In-line Package DIP Graphic
TBD: Dual In-line Zig-Zag Package; Zig Zag Graphic
HDIP: Heat-sinked DIP
HDIP: Hermetic DIP
HSIP: Heat-sinked Single In-line Package
HZIP: Heat-sinked ZIP
IP: In-line Package [DIP, SIP, ZIP]
MDIP: Molded DIP
MSOP: Mini Small Outline Plastic Packages
PDIP: Plastic DIP [8-Pin P-DIP]
PGA: Pin Grid Array; PGA Graphic
PPGA: Plastic Pin Grid Array
SDIP: Shrink Dual In-Line Package
Shrink DIP: Shrink Dual In-Line Package [SDIP]
SIP: Single In-line Package, SIP Package graphic
SPDIP: Shrink Dual-In-Line Plastic Packages
SSIP: Shrunk-lead Single In-line Package
SZIP: Shrunk-lead ZIP
WDIP: Windowed DIP [Programmable DIP, UV EPROM]
ZIP: Zig-zag Inline Package, Zig Zag Graphic

Transistor Case Types; Transistor Case Drawings

Selected Military Specifications [MIL Specs]:
MIL-STD-1835C - Electronic Component Case Outlines
MIL-HDBL-6100 - List of Case Outlines and Dimensions for Discrete Semiconductor Devices
MIL-M-55565C - Microcircuits, Packaging of
MIL-STD-1285C - Marking of Electrical and Electronic Parts

IC Package style vs number of pins, Navsea graphic
Pin Count vs. Package Size

Package square area vs package pin count.
The smaller the package footprint and the higher pin count indicate a more efficient IC package.
An informative graph showing the relationship between package style and pin count.
Note that the SMD DIP and QFP packages outperform the through hole DIP package.
The surface mount BGA package style also outperforms the through hole PGA package.

Basically the graph indicates that the surface mount DIPs [SOIC, SOP] outperform the through-hole packages.
Also that the surface mount BGA packages outperform the through-hole PGA packages, based on the size and pin count.

Semiconductor Integrated Circuit [IC] manufacturers are listed under the Components Icon below.
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