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PCIe/104 Bus Description

PCIe/104 is the newest variation of the standard.
PCIe/104 removes the connector used for a PCI interface [used with PCI/104-Express] but keeps the connector for the PCI-Express [PCIe] interface.
PCIe/104 only provides a PCI Express interface [PCIe].
However the PCIe/104 card is backwards compatible with PCI/104-Express card, which carries both the PCIe bus and retains the PCI bus connector.

The PCI-104 specification defines the mechanical foot print and card power requirements.
This is a stacked bus with no backplane or interconnecting cable. The cards plug into each other.

The older standard PC/104 bus uses the PC/XT, and PCAT card specification. PC/104-Plus allows the addition of the PCI bus onto the card.

The card size for each of the PC/104 standards is shown below.

PC-104 Board Size

Card [dimensions] size / Form Factor

Boards may be stacked 6 high when using the PC-AT [PC/104] bus, but only four of the boards may use the PCI bus.

PCI/104 Express is the newest variant of the PC/104 series of standards.
Similar to the introduction of the PCI/104 interface in many other board formats, PCI/104 now uses the PCI Express [PCIe] electrical interface.

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PCIe/104 Bus Pin-Out

PCI-104 Pinouts
Pin out signal name table for the PCI-104 interface bus.

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PCIe/104 Bus Interface IC Vendors

IC that are produced to operate over the PCI express bus are listed on the PCIe Bus interface page.
So are not re-listed here.
This standard just brings the PCIe electrical interface into a new card format.

PCIe/104 Standards and Specifications

PCI-104-Express Specification [Version 1.0, 2008]
PCI-104-Express Specification [Version 2.0, 2011]
I believe that PCIe/104 is a part of the above specification.

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PCIe/104 Bus Connector Manufacturers

This PCI format or card specification only specifies the PCI express side of the board and uses a connector similar to the one used in the SATA.

Only the stackable PCIe connectors are used in this version.

No companies have been identified yet.

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