IEEE-488 Connector Size

This page describes the GPIB connector including a drawing with dimensions.
Pins 1 to 12 are located on the bottom row, while pins 13 to 24 are located on the top row as shown [narrow side of connector].
The top portion of the drawing depicts a female connector, and the bottom drawing depicts a male GPIB connector.
The Female connector provides pin 1 on the bottom left pin, pin 12 on the bottom right, pin 13 is above pin 1, while pin 24.
The male connector has the same pin out but it's mirrored. So the male connector has pin 1 on the lower right.
A pin out table with signal names for the GPIB connector is provided after the connector drawing.

IEEE-488 Connector Mechanical Specification and Connector Drawing
GPIB Connector [Receptacle to Plug Assembly]

The Mechanical [Physical] Dimensions for the GPIB connector is shown in the graphic above.
In addition to the physical dimensions, the drawing also shows the type of bolts.
The GPIB bus is also called, HPIB bus, or IEEE-488 bus.

IEEE-488 Connector types: (The connector pin-outs differ):
... IEEE488/ANSI MC1.1; 24 pins, accepts a ribbon cable.
... IEC 625-1, MIL-C-24308; 25 pins
Connectors are tested to MIL-STD-202E (Environmental).
Maximum cable length is 20 meters, or 2 meters per device - which ever is less. Devices may be connected in either a Star or Linear fashion.
Metric threads are Black, English threads are Silver; the two will not mate together
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ANSI Connector / IEEE488 PinOut

24-Pin GPIB Bus PinOut and Signal Assingments
Pin # Signal names Signal Description Pin # Signal names Signal Description
1 DIO1 Data Input/Output Bit 1 13 DIO5 Data Input/Output Bit 5
2 DIO2 Data Input/Output Bit 2 14 DIO6 Data Input/Output Bit 6
3 DIO3 Data Input/Output Bit 3 15 DIO7 Data Input/Output Bit 7
4 DIO4 Data Input/Output Bit 4 16 DIO8 Data Input/Output Bit 8
5 EIO End-Or-Identify 17 REN Remote Enable
6 DAV Data Valid 18 Shield Ground (DAV)
7 NRFD Not Ready For Data 19 Shield Ground (NRFD)
8 NDAC Not Data Accepted 20 Shield Ground (NDAC)
9 IFC Interface Clear 21 Shield Ground (IFC)
10 SRQ Service Request 22 Shield Ground (SRQ)
11 ATN Attention 23 Shield Ground (ATN)
12 Shield Chassis Ground 24 Single GND Single Ground

IEEE-488 female portion and cable termination
GPIB Connector Receptacle

Military Commercial Item Descriptions;
GPIB connectors, by CID document number

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