Enhanced Graphics Adapter [EGA]

The EGA [Enhanced Graphics Adapter]: Interface bus uses a 9-pin D-sub connector.
This EGA standard [1984] offered improved resolutions and more colors than CGA [also obsolete].
EGA allowed graphical output up to 16 colors (chosen from a palette of 64).
EGA also offered screen resolutions of 640x350, or 80x25 text with 16 colors, all at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
Monitors using EGA have a digital interface.
A listing on OEM D-sub connector manufacturers may be found on this D-Subminiature Connectors page.
The table below provides the pin out and signal names for the DFP connector.

However because this interface is obsolete, no attempt should be made to develop a new interface.

9 pin EGA Connector [Enhanced Graphics Adapter]
9-pin D-sub

EGA Connector Pin Outs
Pin # Signal name Pin Description Pin # Signal name Pin Description
1 GND Ground 6 SG/I Secondary Green / Intensity
2 SR Secondary Red 7 SB Secondary Blue
3 PR Primary Red 8 H Horizontal Sync
4 PG Primary Green 9 V Vertical Sync
5 PB Primary Blue - - -

The EGA video interface is obsolete and should not be used for new designs.
The EGA pin out may be used for legacy purposes, but it is no longer used on any interface.
Refer back to the main PC Video Monitor Bus page, or to the main PC Interface Bus page for a possible upgrade solution.
By the 1990's this interface should have all but disappeared from use, but there's no way to tell when equipment gets replaced.
Certainly after 25 years you would not expect to find a system still operating and using this out-dated interface.
Yet the data is presented regardless as it was when the video port was in common usage.
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