Digital Flat Panel [DFP]

The DFP [Digital Flat Panel]: Interface is used as a computer video bus. The DFP bus uses a 20-pin D-sub [MDR] connector with a cable run of 5 meters.
The table below provide the pinout and signal names for the DFP connector. The DFP interface cable only carries Video information, Audio data is not carried.
The DFP specification was released in 1999 as a transition between the VGA standard and the P & D connector.
However usage in the DVI connector caused the decline in the DFP interface.
A listing on OEM D-sub connector manufacturers may be found on the D-Sub Connector listing.
The valid DFP pinout is listed in the table below, although the actual interface is obsolete.

DFP Pinout
Digital Flat Panel Connector Pin Numbering

DFP Connector Pinout
Pin # Signal name Pin # Signal name
1 Tx1+ 11 Tx2+
2 Tx1- 12 Tx2-
3 SHLD1 13 SHLD2
5 TxC+ 15 Tx0+
6 TxC- 16 Tx0-
7 GND 17 NC
8 +5v 18 HPD
10 NC 20 DDC_CLK

Picture of a DFP Connector
Digital Flat Panel Connector

DFP Video Interface
This is a picture of a DFP connector.
Note the spring loaded latch used to secure the connector to the connector.
NC means No Connect or Not Connected in the pin out table.

Although the text indicates that DVI replaced, the DFP interface,
The fact is that the DisplayPort interface out-paced DVI just a few years later.

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