DAC Levels

Digital to Analog Converter Increments

D/A LSB Levels
DAC Voltage Steps
Table of a D/A Converters 2n bit weights and LSB values
For a given Digital-to-Analog converters input [2n],
the LSB weight and percent of full-scale is provided.

Note: The column LSB Weight 1/2n, should read 1/2{n-1}
Analog-to-Digital Converter Step Voltages

DAC IC Manufactures provided on Analog Converter Manufacturers

Semiconductor Analog-to-Digital Converters ....... ADC ....... A/D
Semiconductor Digital-to-Analog Converters ....... DAC ....... D/A
A list of OEM Semiconductor DAC and ADC converter.
Additional Integrated Circuit [IC] manufacturers are listed
under the Components Icon below.

The chart is fairly self explanatory. Comparing the number of bits to number of states and it's resultant weight.
Anyway it's a handy lookup to determine LSB weight based on the number bits used in a DAC.

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