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Token Ring Description

The Token Ring Protocol bus pinout is listed below. Both the RJ45 pin out and DB9 connector pin outs are listed below.
Token Ring is an out-dated Local Area Network [LAN], which was replaced by the Ethernet interface bus.
IEEE 802.4 Token-Passing Bus Access Method and Physical Layer Specification [1988]
This topic only covers the I/O for Token Ring, but there are a number of protocols that use tokens.
Technical reference; Ring Network definition, also see Protocol definitions.

RJ-45 Connector used with Token Ring
RJ45 Modular Jack

Token Ring RJ45
UTP Connector Pinout
Pin # Signal name
1 ---
2 ---
3 TX1
4 RX2
5 RX1
6 TX2

9-Pin Serial D-Connector used with Token Ring
Dsub 9-pin

Token Ring DB9
STP Connector Pinout
Pin # Signal name
1 RX1
2 Not Used
3 Not Used
4 Not Used
5 TX1
6 RX2
7 Not Used
8 Not Used
9 TX2

The IEEE 802.4 Token Ring group has been disbanded.
This is basically a legacy interface, Token Ring should not to be used with new designs.
Listing of D-Sub connector manufacturers, Telco connector manufacturers.

Editor note; once an interface becomes this out-dated the links to component manufacturers are removed.
However you can still use the local links on this page, or try the components link below to locate ICs or equipment by function.
An additional list of manufactures, by name may be found here; IC Manufacturers.
This list also indicates what may have happened to a company which has since gone out of business, and who took over their component line of parts.

Additional Buses running over a Cable Interface.
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Although other buses may use tokens to pass control between bus nodes, the Token Ring bus is obsolete.
And by definition the pin out for Token Ring is obsolete, although still accurate.

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