Switched Fabric Buses

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Switched Fabric Description

A switched-fabric bus allows all nodes on the bus to inter-connect with all other nodes on the bus.
All nodes connecting to all other nodes is the "Fabric" in Switched-Fabric.
The node connections are temporarily and can be reconfigured, this is the "Switched" in Switched-Fabric.
The interconnections are dedicated while interconnected.
To form larger networks or nodes the switches may be cascaded together to form any size [fabric] network.
Switched fabric networks are used to provide Fault tolerance and used in many Avionics Buses, the buses are serial in nature.

ANSI/TIA/EIA-644 LVDS is used for many of the Switched Fabric buses.

StarFabric is a multi-protocol switched interconnect technology for board-to-board and chassis-to-chassis connectivity. StarFabric uses EIA-644 [LVDS] as the electrical specification. Providing 622Mbps in one direction, or 1.25Gbps Bi-Directional speed (per pair), using 8B/10B encoding.

StarFabric Trade Association [starfabric.org] does not appear to work any longer.

SwitchedFabric networks residing with-in other Bus structures [all of which reside on their own pages];

Advanced Switching Interconnect 'ASI' is a Switched Fabric bus that uses the PCI Express interface.

InfiniBand is a Switched Fabric bus;

VMEbus has SwitchedFabric sub-bus additions on the P2 connector;
..... Skychannel, and Raceway

VME64x bus has SwitchedFabric sub-bus additions on the P0 connector;
..... VXS [VMEbus Switched Serial Standard]

cPCI [Compact PCI] which has these bus additions on its connector;
..... PICMG 2.15 Rev1.0 PCI Telecom Mezzanine/Carrier Card [H.110 [TDM bus] Computer Telephony]
..... PICMG 2.16 Rev1.0 CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane Specification [cPSB] (GigaBridge, Ethernet)
..... PICMG 2.17 Rev1.0 CompactPCI StarFabric Specification
..... PICMG 2.20 Rev1.0 CompactPCI Serial Mesh Backplane Specification

AdvancedTCA (PICMG 3.x) [Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture]
..... PICMG 3.0 Mechanical, Power, Connectors, Specification
..... PICMG 3.1 Specification for Ethernet fabric interconnects [10/100/1000 Ethernet]
..... PICMG 3.2 Specification for InfiniBand fabric interconnects
..... PICMG 3.3 Specification for StarFabric interconnects
..... PICMG 3.4 Specification for PCI Express interconnects
RapidIO Bus

Switched Fabric Standards and Specifications Info

Electronic Industries Alliance, EIA [www.eia.org]
Telecommunications Industry Association, TIA [www.tiaonline.org]
VMEbus International Trade Association, VITA [www.vita.com]
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc., IEEE [www.ieee.org]

Fabric Interface IC Vendors

Dolphin Interconnect LLC {StarFabric Switch}

IDT {RapidIO multi-port bus switch}

Serial Links use Serializer/Deserializer [SerDes] blocks [Parallel to serial converters].

Refer to the Embedded Interface Bus pages listed above or use this Page
[Interface Bus Types] for a more complete listing of Switched Fabric IC Manufacturers

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