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EIA568 Bus Description

EIA568 is a commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard using 100 ohm Un-shielded Twisted Pair [UTP], as either Category 3 (16MHz), CAT4 (20MHz) or CAT5 (100MHz).
Category 1 and CAT2 are not part of the spec. Category 6 (250MHz), and CAT7 (600MHz) are in the works. Uses 8 wire RJ45.

EIA-568 Connector Pin-Out

Voice: 4-Pair, 100ohm UTP cable. Data: 2-Pair 150ohm STP cable, 2-Fiber optical cable, or 50ohm Coax.
The 50 ohm Coax line is not recommended for new designs.
The A, and B 8 pin, 4-pair Telephone (RJ-45) connectors Pinouts are shown below.

RJ-45 connector showing pin locations
RJ-45 Connector

568A PinOut
Pin # Pin Function
1 Pair #3
2 Pair #3
3 Pair #2
4 Pair #1
5 Pair #1
6 Pair #2
7 Pair #4
8 Pair #4

568B PinOut
Pin # Pin Function
1 Pair #2
2 Pair #2
3 Pair #3
4 Pair #1
5 Pair #1
6 Pair #3
7 Pair #4
8 Pair #4

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EIA568 Standard Organizations

TIA/EIA-568 Commercial building Telecommunications Wiring Standard
TIA/EIA-569 Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces
TIA/EIA-570Standard for Residential and Light Commercial Telecommunications Wiring
TIA/EIA-606 Standard for the Telecommunications Infrastructure of Commercial Buildings

Electronic Industries Alliance: EIA [www.eia.org]

Telecommunications Industry Association: TIA [www.tiaonline.org]

As with any standard, there are a number of separate documents that deal with the different aspects of cabling.

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EIA568 Cable Manufacturers

A listing of UTP [Un-shielded Twisted Pair] cable manufacturers may be found on the cable manufacturers page.

EIA568 Connector Manufacturers

RJ-45 Connector, RJ45 Telco Connector

EIA-568 uses 'Telcom' 4 pair (8 wire) RJ45.
A listing of RJ45 manufacturers may be found on the connector manufacturers page.
Or more directly under Telcom devices, RJ45 Vendors listing.

Building Telecommunications Infrastructure:
A collection of those telecommunications components, excluding equipment, that together provide the basic support for the distribution of all information within a building or campus.

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