Fiber Distributed Data Interface
ISO 9314-1/2/3

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FDDI Bus Description

FDDI [Fiber Distributed Data Interface] is a Local Area Network (LAN) using Fiber-Optic cable in a [Dual] Token Ring topology.
Traffic in each ring flows in opposite directions (counter-rotating).
The dual-rings consist of a primary and a secondary ring. The primary ring is used for data transmission, while the secondary ring remains idle.
The data rate is 100 Mbit/sec. Transmission is defined in a data frame, using (NRZI) (which is self clocking). FDDI uses 4B / 5B encoding.
FDDI-2, supports the transmission of voice and video information.

Also FFDT; FDDI Full Duplex Technology.
Also CDDI; Copper Distributed Data Interface
Also SDDI; Shielded twisted-pair Digital Data Interface. Same as CDDI,

CDDI uses MLT-3 line coding, which is a three-voltage-level encoding scheme. CDDI uses Shielded Twisted Pair [STP] at 150 ohm impedance, per EIA/TIA 568 or Unshielded Twisted Pair [UTP] at Category 5; per EIA/TIA 568, with a maximum length of 100 meters

The official name for CDDI is:
Twisted-Pair Physical Medium Dependent [TP-PMD] or
Fiber-Distributed Data Interface [TP-DDI]

FDDI Protocol Packet Frame

FDDI Tutorial {FDDI Consortium}

FDDI Info {ARC Electronics}

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FDDI Data Bus Transfer Timing

Data is sent NRZI. A change in the data level indicates a logic 1, no change indicates a logic 0.
The data is sampled every 8nS. CDDI uses MLT-3 line coding, which is a three-voltage-level encoding scheme.

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FDDI Bus Interface IC Manufacturers

National Semiconductor {FDDI IC Manufacturer}

Semtech Corp {Fiber Optic chips}

Teledyne Microelectronics {FDDI Data Link IC}

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FDDI Online Standards Information

... Media Access Control (MAC), ..... ANSI X3.139-1987, ISO 9314-2:1989
... Physical Layer Protocol (PHY), ..... ANSI X3.148-1988, ISO 9314-1:1989
... Physical Layer, Medium Dependent (PMD), ..... ANSI X3.166-1990, ISO 9314-3:1990
... Single Mode Fiber PMD (SMF-PMD), ..... ANSI X3.184-1993, ISO 9314-4:199x
... Low Cost Fiber PMD (LCF-PMD), ..... X3.237-1995, ISO 9314-9:199x
... Twisted Pair PMD (TP-PMD), ..... X3.263.1995, ISO 9314-10:199x
... Physical Layer Repeater (PHY-REP), ..... X3.278-199x

MIL-HDBK-818 - Survivable Adaptable Fiber Optic Embedded Network (SAFENET)

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