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Sony S-Link Description

Developed by Sony to control Audio and Video products.
S-Link [the physical layer] is composed of [protocols] the Audio portion (Control A) and video portion (Control S); also called SIRCS. Control A1 (II) uses a monaural mini-plug, less then 2 meters long. Portable video gear use Control L. S-Link shows up as two four pin headers (IN/OUT) on the back of my old CD player.

I don't think these buses are used any longer. Control-S uses 5 volt TTL voltage levels, the signaling mimic the IR protocol used in a remote. A logic low is sent as a 6mS '0' followed by a 6mS '1' pulse. A logic high is sent as a 6mS '0' followed by a 1.2mS '1'. Data is sent out in a frame. The frame begins with a start bit [+5v] followed by 12 data bits [LSB first], followed by a stop bit [0v]. I believe the S-Link protocol is Obsolete, and no longer supported.

Control-S being used on an A/V Receiver
Control-S In/Out Jack Locations

Control-S being used on a Sony STR-DE995 5.1 A/V Receiver, purchased around 2006.

The term "S-Link" is also used by CERN; their page indicates: S-LINK is a CERN specification for an easy-to-use FIFO-like data-link which can be used to connect front-end to read-out at any stage in a data flow environment. S-LINK cards, PCI/PMC interfaces and test tools are all commercially available

Connectors and Pin-Out

S-Link uses a standard mono mini cable which is less then 2 meters in length.

Mini Mono Jack
Mono Jack

Connector Manufacturers [Jack-Plug listing]

Standard Organizations

Sony S-Link: It seems like Sony ceased open support for S-Link back in 1997.
Sony developed the specification, but it is no longer supported.

Control-S Interface IC Manufacturers

S-Link uses standard TTL Glue Logic IC's.
So any common IC could be used in the design of a Control-S interface.
The actual protocol most be developed in a processor, with glue logic used for interfacing.

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Memory Chip Manufacturers
Processor Manufacturers

The newest A/V interface being developed by Sony is called DMP; Digital Media Port [2007].
As of 2010 DMP is still a valid interface, and Control-S could be considered out-dated.
You should only expect to find a Control-S port on a product developed and manufactured by Sony.

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