Military Capacitor Specifications

Capacitor Data

Military Capacitor Standards
Ceramic MIL-PRF-20 Temperature Compensating (ER and Non-ER)
MIL-PRF-81 Variable (Non-ER)
MIL-PRF-123 Temperature Stable and General Purpose (High Reliability)
MIL-PRF-39014 General Purpose (ER and Non-ER)
MIL-PRF-49470 Switch Mode Power Supply (High Reliability)
MIL-PRF-55681 Chip (ER)
Electrolytic MIL-PRF-39003 Solid Electrolyte Tantalum (ER)
MIL-PRF-39006 Non-Solid Electrolyte Tantalum (ER)
MIL-PRF-39018 Aluminum Oxide (ER)
MIL-PRF-49137 Solid Electrolyte Tantalum (ER)
MIL-PRF-55365 Tantalum Chip (ER and Non-ER)
Glass MIL-PRF-14409 Variable Piston Type Tubular Trimmer (Non-ER)
MIL-PRF-23269 (ER)
MIL-PRF-23269 (High Reliability)
Paper/Plastic MIL-PRF-19978 (ER)
MIL-PRF-39022 DC/AC (ER)
MIL-PRF-55514 DC or DC/AC (ER)
MIL-PRF-83421 DC/AC Hermetically Sealed (ER)
MIL-PRF-87217 DC for Low Energy, High Impedance Applications (High Reliability)

MIL-HDBK-198 - Capacitors, Selection And Use Of

MIL-PRF-20 - Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric (Temperature Compensating), Established Reliability and Non-Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-81 - Capacitors, Variable, Ceramic Dielectric, General Specification

MIL-PRF-123 - Capacitors, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric, (Temperature Stable and General Purpose), High Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-11693 - Capacitors, Feed through, Radio-Interference Reduction, DC (Hermetically Sealed in metal Cases), Established and Non-Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-14409 - Capacitors, Variable (Piston Type, Tubular Trimmer), General Specification

MIL-PRF-15733 - Filters and Capacitors, Radio Frequency Interference, General Specification

MIL-PRF-19978 - Capacitors, Fixed, Plastic (or Paper-Plastic) Dielectric (Hermetically Sealed in metal, Ceramic or Glass Cases), Established and Non-Established Reliability General Specification

MIL-PRF-23269 - Capacitors, Fixed, Glass Dielectric, Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-28861 - Filters and Capacitors, Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Interference Suppression, General Specification

MIL-PRF-31033 - Capacitors, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric, High Reliability, Discoidal, General Specification

MIL-PRF-39001 - Capacitors, Fixed, Mica Dielectric, Established Reliability and Nonestablished Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-39003 - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic (Solid Electrolyte), Tantalum, Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-39006 - Capacitor, Fixed, Electrolytic (Nonsolid Electrolyte), Tantalum, Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-39014F - Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric (General Purpose) General Specification For

MIL-PRF-39018 - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic (Aluminum Oxide), Established Reliability and Non-Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-39022 - Capacitors, Fixed, metallized, Paper-Plastic Film, or Plastic Film Dielectric, Direct and Alternating Current, (Hermetically Sealed in metal or Ceramic Cases), Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-49137 - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic (Solid Electrolyte), Tantalum, Molded, Conformal Coated and metal Cased with Plastic End-Fill, Nonhermetically Sealed, General Specification

MIL-PRF-49464 - Military Specification, Capacitors, Chip, Single Layer, Fixed, Parallel Plate, Ceramic Dielectric, Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-49467 - Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic, Multilayer, High Voltage (General Purpose), General Specification

MIL-PRF-49470 - Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric, Switch Mode Power Supply (General Purpose and Temperature Stable), General Specification

MIL-PRF-55365 - Capacitor, Fixed, Electrolytic (Tantalum), Chip, Nonestablished Reliability, Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-55514 - Capacitors, Fixed, Plastic (or metallized Plastic) Dielectric, DC or DC-AC, in Nonmetal Cases, Non-Established and Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-PRF-55681E - Capacitor, Chip, Multiple Layer, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric, General Specification For

MIL-PRF-55365D - Capacitor, Fixed, Electrolytic (Tantalum), Chip, General Specification For

MIL-PRF-83421 - Capacitors, Fixed, metallized, Plastic Film Dielectric, (DC, AC, or DC and AC), Hermetically Sealed in metal or Ceramic Cases, Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-HDBK-1131 - Storage Shelf Life and Reforming Procedures for Aluminum Electrolytic Fixed Capacitors

DSCC # 89021 - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic Polarized, Aluminum Oxide, Ultra-Low ESR

DSCC # 89085 - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic Polarized, Aluminum Oxide, Snap Mount, Low Profile

MIL-C-5E - Capacitors, Fixed, MICA Dielectric, General Specification for

MIL-C-62/12E - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic (DC Aluminum Dry Electrolyte Polarized)

MIL-C-92B - Capacitors, Variable, Air Dielectric, (Trimmer), General Specification for

Axial Leaded Plastic Film Capacitor per MIL-PRF-87217

There are additional military specifications that cover capacitors, which are not listed.
There are also a number of specifications that have been discontinued, for example:

MIL-PRF-83500 - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic (Nonsolid Electrolyte), Tantalum Anode and Cathode, General Specification

MIL-PRF-87217; Capacitors, Fixed, Super-metallized Plastic Film Dielectric, Direct Current for Low Energy, High Impedance Applications, Hermetically Sealed in metal Cases, High Reliability

MIL-PRF-87164; Capacitors, Fixed, Mica Dielectric, High Reliability

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