AGP Pinout, PC Video Bus Slot

The pin out table below provides the Pinout for the AGP bus slot on the personal computer. The table lists 132 pins, but the Key pins which are listed is an absence of pins [space],
both the Motherboard slot connector and AGP card has 124 pins. The AGP bus connector is 2.9 inches long.
The number sign in the pinout table below refers to: "the signal’s asserted state occurs when it is at a low voltage.
The absence of a # symbol indicates that the signal is asserted at a high voltage. The standard board width is .062.

The pinout table below represents version 1 of the AGP specification, links to revision 2 and 3 are listed on the main AGP page.
Both Revision 1 [2x speed] and revision 2 [4x speed] are obsolete being replaced by revision 3 [which specified 8x speeds].

AGP Bus Connector Pin Out
Accelerated Graphics Port
124 Pin Edge
Pin # Pin name Pin # Pin name
A1 +12 V dc B1 spare
A2 spare B2 +5 V dc
A3 Reserved* Ground B3 +5 V dc
A5 Ground B5 Ground
A9 VCC 3.3 B9 VCC 3.3
A10 ST1 B10 ST0
A11 Reserved B11 ST2
A12 PIPE# B12 RBF#
A13 Ground B13 Ground
A14 Spare B14 Spare
A15 SBA1 B15 SBA0
A16 VCC 3.3 B16 VCC 3.3
A17 SBA3 B17 SBA2
A18 Reserved B18 SB_STB
A19 Ground B19 Ground
A20 SBA5 B20 SBA4
A21 SBA7 B21 SBA6
A22 Key B22 Key
A23 Key B23 Key
A24 Key B24 Key
A25 Key B25 Key
A26 AD30 B26 AD31
A27 AD28 B27 AD29
A28 VCC 3.3 B28 VCC 3.3
A29 AD26 B29 AD27
A30 AD24 B30 AD25
A31 Ground B31 Ground
A32 Reserved B32 AD STB1
A33 C/BE3# B33 AD23
A34 Vddq 3.3 B34 Vddq 3.3
A35 AD22 B35 AD21
A36 AD20 B36 AD19
A37 Ground B37 Ground
A38 AD18 B38 AD17
A39 AD16 B39 C/BE2#
A40 Vddq 3.3 B40 Vddq 3.3
A42 Spare B42 Spare
A43 Ground B43 Ground
A44 Spare B44 Spare
A45 VCC 3.3 B45 VCC 3.3
A47 STOP# B47 Vddq 3.3
A48 Spare B48 PERR#
A49 Ground B49 Ground
A51 AD15 B51 C/BE1#
A52 Vddq 3.3 B52 Vddq 3.3
A53 AD13 B53 AD14
A54 AD11 B54 AD12
A55 Ground B55 Ground
A56 AD9 B56 AD10
A57 C/BE0# B57 AD8
A58 Vddq 3.3 B58 Vddq 3.3
A59 Reserved B59 AD STB0
A60 AD6 B60 AD7
A61 Ground B61 Ground
A62 AD4 B62 AD5
A63 AD2 B63 AD3
A64 Vddq 3.3 B64 Vddq 3.3
A65 AD0 B65 AD1
A66 SMB1 B66 SMB0

AGP [Accelerated Graphics Port] is a Point-to-Point [Chip-to-Chip] bus using 1.5 Volt or 3.3V signaling. The main use of the AGP bus is as a Local Video bus in IBM compatible Personal Computers [PCs]. The AGP bus is based on the PCI [Peripheral Component Interface] standard, using the PCI specification as an operational baseline. So the AGP pinout is similar to the PCI bus pinout. The AGP specification adds 20 additional signals not included in the PCI bus. The AGP specification defines the Protocol, Electrical and Mechanical aspects of the bus. The AGP bus is used as a local video bus in Personal Computers [PCs].

The Mechanical definitions include a connector and Add-in card. The AGP Card sizes and 1.5v and 3.3v connectors are also defined with in the spec. There are five connectors defined: AGP 3.3v, AGP 1.5v, AGP Universal, AGP Pro Universal, AGP Pro 3.3v, and AGP Pro 1.5v. PCI and AGP boards are not mechanically interchangeable.

Note: On the newest Motherboards the AGP video Slot is being replaced by the PCI-Express Bus (which is not mechanically interchangeable with the AGP slot).

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