Twinax Connector / Twinax Cable

MIL-STD-1553 Cabling Information

MlL-STD-1553B does not specify the type of Connector used to interconnect
Cables that make up a Military-Standard-1553B network.
Notice 2, paragraph 30.10.3, specifies that, for applications that use concentric connectors or inserts for each bus
the center pin of the connector or insert shall be used for the high (positive) Manchester bi-phase signal.
The inner ring shall be used for the low (negative) Manchester bi-phase signal.
Also refer to [MIL-STD-1553 Manchester Encoding].
There are currently two types of connectors in general use.
... 1: A multi-pin connector that comes in various styles including circular, rectangular, and rack and panel.
... 2: A discrete concentric tri-axial design. [Pin Out info provided]:

Twin BNC Connector

Twin BNC style connectors are either 78 or 95 ohms and have one female and one male pin.
Note one style of TWBNC uses a two-stud bayonet locking mechanism [termination graphic], or a quick-connect [above].

MIL-STD-1553 Twinax Connectors

The two panel mount [Jam-nut] connectors shown directly below use solder-cup [solder-pocket] wire connections.
The connector on the left is a quick-connect, the one of the right is a twist-lock, bayonet coupling connector.
The terms Panel-mount, Chassis-mount or Bulkhead-mount are used interchangeably on this site.
Note that the D-cutout is identical for both connector styles, or either connector could use the same mounting hole.
The Twin-axial termination plug shown below those is also a bayonet coupled connector

Twinax 1553 Bulk Head Connector Jam-Nut Quick-Connect Twinax MIL-STD-1553 Bulk Head Connector Twist-Lock
Bulk-Head: Quick Connect Connector and Bayonet Connector

Twinax MIL-1553 Connector Terminator, Twist-Lock 50 terminator

TWBNC Twinax Plug Connector

Military Specifications:
MIL-DTL-3655/22; Electrical Coaxial Connector Receptacle,(Series Twin, TWTNC, Bulkhead)
MIL-DTL-3655/14; Electrical Coaxial Connector Plug,(Series Twin, TWTNC), not shown
The twinaxial plug [slash sheet 14] mates with the twinaxial receptacle [slash sheet 22].

MIL-DTL-3655/23; Electrical Coaxial Connector Receptacle,(Series Twin, TWBNC, Bulkhead)
MIL-DTL-3655/15; Electrical Coaxial Connector Plug,(Series Twin, TWBNC), not shown
The twinaxial plug [slash sheet 15] mates with the twinaxial receptacle [slash sheet 23].
MIL-DTL-3655/16; Electrical Coaxial Connector Receptacle,(Series Twin, TWBNC), not shown

Also refer to the Dummy Load definition [Termination].
Twinax Connector Cut-away. [Cable end, Flange Mount Cable, Flange Mount Solder Cup]

MIL-STD-1553 Twinax Cables

Military documents refer to MIL-1553 as the Data Bus, when not directly calling out 1553.

The two cables below are specified by MIL-DTL-17 [a military document describing cable characteristics].
The standard covers both flexable & semirigid RF cable; with solid & semi-solid dielectric cores, with single, dual or twin inner conductors.
Two different specifications or slash sheets are shown below, /203 and /201, as stated the standard above those covers many different types.
The caption for the two cable drawing is basically the title of the slash sheet or detailed drawing.

77 ohm Cable per MIL-C17/203, MIL-STD-1553 Twinax Double Shielded RF Cable
Twinax Double Shielded Cable

MIL-C17/203; EMP Hardened Flexiable Double Shield Twinaxial 77 Ohm RF Cable, Data Bus

MIL-STD-1553 Twinax Shielded RF Cable
Twinax Single Shielded Cable

MIL-DTL-17/201; Flexiable Single Shield Twinaxial 77 Ohm RF Cable, Data Bus

A third cable could also be used MIL-C-17/202 [MIL-DTL-17/202].
Flexiable Double Shield Twinaxial 77 Ohm RF Cable, Data Bus [2 over-lapping shields, no dielectric separator]

Also see the description of RG22 Twinax Cable.

This site does not control any government document, and the military specifications listed may be withdrawn from circulation at any time.
In fact DOD detailed drawing are removed, with no replacement, all the time, although some times transferred to another organization.
Back to the main MIL-STD-1553 Interface bus description page. [Military-Standard-1553B]

MIL-DTL-83527; Rack and Panel connectors:
Connectors, Plug and Receptacle, Electrical, Rectangular Multiple Insert Type, Rack to Panel,
Environment Resisting, 150 Deg. C Total Continuous Operating Temperature, General Specification for.

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