PXI Express System Slot Pinout and Signal names

PXI Express System Slot Connector Pin out and Signal names
The PXI Express System slot pinout is provided below.

PXI P1 Connector Signal Assignments
Pin # Signal name Signal name Signal name Signal name Signal name Signal name Signal name
-- Row Z Row A Row B Row C Row D Row E Row F

PXI stands for Compact PCI for Instrumentation Bus
The number sign in the pinout table above refers to: "A # symbol at the end of a signal name indicates that the signals asserted state occurs when it is at a low voltage. The absence of a # symbol indicates that the signal is asserted at a high voltage.
The pin descriptions which indicate a Key is not a pin, but a male or female void [key].
The V(I/O) pins are un-named in this table. In a +5 volt system the V(I/O) pins are +5volts, in a +3.3volt system the V(I/O) pins are +3.3 volts.

PXI [and cPCI] uses 2mm 'Hard Metric'; IEC 1076-4-101, a number of different pin arrangements. Normally the outside Ground rows (which are compression pins) 'Z' and 'F' are not counted as pins. OEM pin numbering may be by cPCI or in accordance with IEC 61076-4-101 (which is reversed). The term "Hard Metric" only means that metric dimensions are preferred ~ with-out regard to inches.

PXI [and cPCI] 2mm connectors mating distances [12.50mm] matches the 96 pin DIN 41612 connectors used with other EuroCard packaging [IEC 273 or IEEE 1101, 1101.10], like VMEbus. FutureBus connectors, which also use 2mm style has a mating distance of 10mm, and is not compatible with cPCI connectors.

The connector types below are counting signal pins (not the ground rows), as indicated on many data sheets:

Type A connector; 110 pins, Keyed (J1/J4),([25 rows x 5 columns] - [3 rows x 5 columns of Key])
Type B connector; 110 pins (J2/J5), [22 x 5]
Type B connector; 95 pins (J3), [19 x 5]. This is also used as P0 with VME64
Type C connector; 55 pins [11 x 5]
Type AB connector; 95, 110, or 125 pins

There are other stlyes:
Type L connector; # contact cavities to accept power insert contacts
Type M connector; # contact cavities to accept power insert contacts/with half the connector having normal pins

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