Digital Interface Standards for Monitors [DISM]

DISM [Digital Interface Standards for Monitors] released as JEIDA-59-1999.
DISM accepts all three competing technologies, TMDS, LVDS and GVIF, as its standard data-transfer formats.
The group of proposed standards includes 6 different digital interfaces with 14, 20, 26 and 36-pin [MDR] connectors.

The JEIDA stands for Japan Electronic Industry Development Association, which formed the DISM working group.
The DISM group was made up of primarily Flat Panel manufacturers. The DISM standard was in competition with other US standards.

The digital interfaces residing on a DISM connector include;
GVIF: Gigabit Video InterFace [GVIF Description]
LVDS: Low Voltage Differential Signaling [LVDS Description]
TDMS: Transition Minimized Differential Signaling [TDMS Bus]

MDR stands for Mini Delta Ribbon connector, or Mini D Ribbon connector.
The connector pins are spaced at 0.05 inch spacing.
The MDR connector series was used [or is used] with a number of video standards, in addition to DISM.

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Editor note; I can't tell if this interface is still being used or if it's implemented on existing designs.
Judging by the original release date, this interface would be out-dated by 2011.
However I don't know if the specification was reaffirmed or updated some time later.
In fact I don't recall ever seeing the interface, and am not sure if it was only ever used in Japan [only].
Any competition that occurred in 2000 has long since been settled, by DVI and than the HDMI interfaces [to name a few].

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