The pin out for DRV11-WA produced by DEC is shown in the table below.
The User's Guide for the General Purpose DMA Interface, DRV11 WA, was produced in 1986.
as Book Number; EK-DRVWA-UG-002.

However this pin-out was extracted from a document I wrote in 1992.
Part of the specification for a custom card design that interfaced to a DRV-11 card.
Either way, this interface is obsolete, being produce for the uVAX series of computers.
That is, the entire line of VAX and uVAX computers are out dated and obsolete.

DRV11-WA Pin Out
Pin No. Signal name Description Pin No. Signal name Description
A GND Ground A GND Ground
B Cycle Request H - B Busy H -
C GND Ground C GND Ground
E GND Ground E GND Ground
F Ready H - F A00 H -
H GND Ground H GND Ground
K Single Cycle H - K FNCT 3 H -
L Status A H - L FNCT 3 H -
M GND Ground M GND Ground
N INIT H - N C0 H -
P GND Ground P GND Ground
R Status B H - R FNCT 2 H -
S GND Ground S GND Ground
T Status C H - T C1 H -
U GND Ground U GND Ground
V Status C H - V FNCT 1 H -
W GND Ground W GND Ground
X GND Ground X GND Ground
Y GND Ground Y GND Ground
Z GND Ground Z GND Ground
AA GND Ground AA GND Ground
BB GND Ground BB GND Ground
CC 7 OUT H Bit 7 output CC 7 IN H Bit 7 input
DD 8 OUT H Bit 8 output DD 8 IN H Bit 8 input
EE 6 OUT H Bit 6 output EE 6 IN H Bit 6 input
FF 9 OUT H Bit 9 output FF 9 IN H Bit 9 input
HH 5 OUT H Bit 5 output HH 5 IN H Bit 5 input
JJ 10 OUT H Bit 10 output JJ 10 IN H Bit 10 input
KK 4 OUT H Bit 4 output KK 4 IN H Bit 4 input
LL 11 OUT H Bit 11 output LL 11 IN H Bit 11 input
MM 3 OUT H Bit 3 output MM 3 IN H Bit 3 input
NN 12 OUT H Bit 12 output NN 12 IN H Bit 12 input
PP 2 OUT H Bit 2 output PP 2 IN H Bit 2 input
RR 13 OUT H Bit 13 output RR 13 IN H Bit 13 input
SS 1 OUT H Bit 1 output SS 1 IN H Bit 1 input
TT 14 OUT H Bit 14 output TT 14 IN H Bit 14 input
UU 0 OUT H Bit 0 output UU 0 IN H Bit 0 input
VV 15 OUT H Bit 15 output VV 15 IN H Bit 15 input

Digital Equipment Corporation Q-Bus card dimensions
Q Bus Card Sizes

Note that some of the pin labels are not used; for example, G, I, O, Q, GG and so on.
The outputs from the DRV11 card are standard TTL single-ended Totem-Pole drivers.
The design I used included the following ICs for interface:
Two 8-bit 74AS574 were used to drive data into the DRV11 [16-bit wide bus].
True table and data on the similar 74xx374 octal flip flop.
The outputs from the DRV11 were not used in this particular design example [being output to another card].
Both the input and output data width for the DRV11 is a 16-bit wide data bus.

Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC] was purchased by Compaq in 1998.
The DRV-11 card was a board used on the Q-Bus, so it's a sub-bus of Q-bus.

VAX Buses [Digital Equipment Corp.], include DR11W, DRV11, Q-Bus, and Unibus.
VAX interfaces were superseded in the 1990's by the Alpha computer lines, and then discontinued in the early 2000's.
VAX and MicroVax were never used as personal computers.

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