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A listing of Board to Board Connector Manufacturers and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

PWB to PWB Connector Manufacturers

Board-to-Board connector vendors

Advanced Interconnections {.050" (1.27mm), .079" (2mm), and .100"(2.54mm) pitch, Single Row, Double Row, Right Angle}

AVX {Fine Pitch Thru-Hole, Fine Pitch SMT}

Crane Connectors {Pin Headers}

EDAC Inc. {Pin Headers / Sockets}

Harwin {Pin Header}

JAE Electronics Inc. {Master/Sub Vertical/Horizontal Board to Board Connectors}

JST {pitch: 0.40mm (.016"), 0.50mm (.020"), 0.635mm (.025"), 1.25mm (.049"), 1.50mm (.059"), 2.00mm (.079"), 2.50mm (.098"), 2.54mm (.100"), 10.00mm (.395") }

Methode Electronics {Receptacles, Solderless Compression}

OUPIIN America Inc. {Board to Board 2.54mm (.100"), Board to Board 2 mm (.079"), Board to Board .05 x .100 1.27mm x 2.54mm, Board to Board .05 x .05 1.27mm,
Board to Board 1mm (.039"), Board to Board .8mm (.0315"), Board to Board .5mm (.020"), Board to Board .4mm (.018")}

Panasonic Electric Works {SMD board-to-board, stack-able}


Tyco Electronics

Yamaichi Electronics {Board to Board}


The topic of Board-to-Board connectors covers many different connectors styles;
Backplane connectors, Board-Stackable connectors, Male/Female pin contacts, Copper finger or card edge contacts and so on.
However you'll note from the links at the top that many of these styles are separated onto other pages:
For example the DIN and 2mm backplane connectors are on different pages as is the card-edge style [PC based interfaces].
Along the same lines, the backplane interface standards; VME, PC104 and and PCI are also covered by their own topics.

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A General listing of Board-to-Board Connector Manufacturers and Related sites.
This page is sub-divided into a number of different Connector styles, with the links located at the top of the page.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

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