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D-Sub Connector Dimensions

This page provides the mechanical out-line and Mechanical Dimensions for all the different Plug Pin contact styles of Subminiature D connectors,
commonly called D-Sub connectors.

D-Subminiature Out-line
D-Subminiature Connector Outline Dimensions and Mechanical drawing

The graphic above gives the mechanical dimensions for a D-Subminiature connector.
D-Sub Connector manufacturers and Vendors.
Use the table below to obtain the absolute dimensions based on the shell size and number of pins used with the connector.

Plug D-Subminiature Connector Size Mechanical figures
D-sub Shell Size and Plug Sizes

Refer to MIL-DTL-24308/9:
Hermetic Miniature Rectangular Polarized Shell, Rack and Panel, Plug, Pin Contacts Connectors

D-Sub Connector Insert Arrangements .

Shell size: DA, DB, DC, DD, and DE. {see below}
Standard (size 20 contacts): 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50 pins (IAW DIN 41 652,MIL-C-24308,IEC807). Also available as dual (mixed) stacked.
High Density 'HD' (size 22 contacts):15, 26, 44, 62, 78, and 104 pins
Power 3W3, 3WK3, 5W5, 8W8; 3, 5, 8 single row High Power Contacts

D-Sub Connector types: all shell sizes
Board Mount D-Sub Connectors:
...Right Angle D-Sub Connector
......Through-Hole D-Sub Connector
......Surface Mount D-Sub Connector SMT
......Dual Port Two connectors stacked together
...Straight D-Sub Connector: Solder
......Press-fit D-Sub Connector: Solderless
......Wire Wrap D-Sub Connector: Solder-less
Cable D-Sub Connectors:
...IDC D-Sub Connector; Discrete Wire
...IDC D-Sub Connector; Flat Ribbon Cable [Insulation Displacement D-Sub Connector Dimensions]
...Crimp Snap-in D-Sub Connector; Discrete Wire
...Solder Cup D-Sub Connector; Discrete Wire

Standard Density High Density
DA Shell 15 position HD DA Shell 26 position
DB Shell 25 position HD DB Shell 44 position
DC Shell 37 position HD DC Shell 62 position
DD Shell 50 position HD DD Shell --
DE Shell 9 position HD DE Shell 15 position

D-Sub connector common usage in personal computers;
9-pin DE D-Sub connectors are used as an RS232 Serial port
15-pin DA D-Sub connectors are used as a Video port
25-pin DB D-Sub connectors are used as a parallel / printer port
Note that most people just use the term 'DB'; DB9, DB15, DB25.

D-Sub Connector Terms:
HD: High Density. Pack 3 rows of pins into the next smaller 2-row shell size, 15-pins into a 9 pin shell size
Filtered: Suppress electro-magnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency (RFI)
IDC: Insulation Displacement Connection
IEC: (International Electrotechnical Commission) ~ International Standards Body
MIL: Military, as in Department of Defense Standard 'DOD'
MIL-C-24308: Connectors, Electrical, Rectangular, Miniature, Polarized Shell, Rack and Reel, Shield, Straight, Deep
MIL-DTL-24308; A sub-standard and replacement of MIL-C-24308. DTL stands for Detail Specification Sheet
RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances
SMT: Surface Mount Technology
THR: Thru Hole Reflow, 'Pin in Paste'

17W2 mix signal power connector
17W2 Insert Placement

The graphic above is an example of a composite D-sub connector, called a 17W2.
Indicating 17 signal pins and 2 RF or power pins.
The connector takes the standard keystone shape of a Dsub connector.

D-Subminiature connectors are listed on the D-Sub Connector manufacturers page.
Military D-Sub Connector manufacturers, Mil-C-24308, and may also list companies which manufacturer Dsub connector styles.
Military Connector Specifications

Editor note; the original standard, MIL-C-24308, that defined the Dsub style connectors was canceled and superseded by MIL-DTL-24308.

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