78-Pin D-Sub Connector

78-Pin D-Sub Connector, Size 22 Contacts, Insert Arrangements

78-pin Dsub Insert Arrangments
78 pin Dsub Connector, Contact Arraignments, Pin Spacing

The 78 pin connector may be terminated using any of the following terminal styles; Crimp, Solder, or Printed wiring board (PWB).
There are three general types defined in the specification; Standard density (size 20 contacts), High density (size 22D contacts), and Standard density (size 20 IDC contacts) in this connector family.
The 78-pin connector only uses size 22 contacts, in a number 5 shell size.

D-Sub Connector Insert Arrangements [D-Subminiature sizes]
Refer to MIL-DTL-24308 [Connectors, Electric, Rectangular, Non-environmental, Miniature, Polarized Shell, Rack and Panel, General Specification]
D-Sub Connector Dimensions [D-Subminiature Out-lines]
Military D-Sub Connector Manufacturers [MIL-C-24308 Vendors]

The 78 pin version, shown here, is one of the larger D-sub type connectors. Links to each of the other Dsub sizes are provided to the left.

The physical dimensions shown to the left comply with any of the two row connectors in the D-sub family; DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37 and DB78 styles. The connector style represents a right angle printed wiring board [PWB] connector.

78-pin Dsub Face Plate Physical Dimensions
Right Angle Dsub Connector

Physical Dimensions
Shell size 5

A = 2.620, 2.650
B = 2.074, 2.084
C = 2.401, 2.411
D = .436, .446
E = .590, .620
F = .416, .436
G = .229, .238
K = 0.50, .070
L = .029, .049

The 78-pin should be avoided.
This D-sub is just to large.
D-sub connectors are out-dated.

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Right Angle 78-pin Physical Dimensions
Right Angle Dsub Connector

PC motherboard

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