37-Pin D-Sub Connector

37-Pin D-Sub Connector, Size 20 Contacts, Insert Arrangements [Pinout]

37-pin Dsub Insert Arrangments
37-Pin D-Subminiature Pin Locations

The correct term for this size connector is a DC-37, however DB37 is more common term.

This connector may be terminated using any of the following terminal styles; Crimp, Solder, Insulation displacement contact (IDC), or Printed wiring board (PWB).

There are three general types; Standard density (size 20 contacts), High density (size 22D contacts), and Standard density (size 20 IDC contacts)

The graphic provides a dimensional drawing for a 37-pin D Sub-miniature connector
The graphic shows the location of pin 1 the counting orientation and the pin spacing, or distance between pins [Mechanical spacing].

Refer to MIL-DTL-24308; [Connectors, Electric, Rectangular, Non-environmental, Miniature, Polarized Shell, Rack and Panel, General Specification]. There are a number of specifications or slash sheets referenced by this top level specification. However they all call out different versions of D-sub connectors, cable, board mount, right angle and so on. The point is all of the individual specifications call out a DB-37, just different variations of a DB-37 and so different variations of the other sizes as well.

The DB37 connector was never widely specified in mainstream electronics. Essentially never used on computers or other electronic equipment chassis. Although because the DB-37 was used for RS449 it might be found on a expansion card which would fit into a personal computer. Of course the DB-37 connector would reside on the back panel of the computer board. However it also seems that any pinout used for the DB37 would be proprietary and would change from design to design.

37-pin Dsub Right Angle Dimensions
Right Angle DB-37 Connector

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37-pin D-sub pin locations
37-pin D-sub pin spacing

Design Note:
Do not use a 37-pin D-sub connector
in a new design.
The D-sub connector style is obsolete.
The D-sub connector format is out-dated.
EIA449 uses a 37-pin Dsub, DB37.
Myrinet-on-VME defines a DB37.

D-Subminiature sizes:
D-Sub Connector Insert Arrangements

D-Subminiature Out-lines:
D-Sub Connector Dimensions

MIL-C-24308 Vendors:
Military D-Sub Connector Manufacturers

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PC motherboard

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