26-Pin D-Sub Connector

26-Pin D-Sub Connector, Size 22D Contacts, Insert Arrangements

26 pin Dsub Insert Arrangments
26-Pin D-Subminiature Pin Locations

The graphic is a high-density 26-pin D-sub connector with size 22 pins.
The 26-pin D connector may be terminated using any of the following terminal styles; Crimp, Solder, Insulation displacement contact (IDC), or Printed wiring board (PWB).
There are three general types; Standard density (size 20 contacts), High density (size 22D contacts), and Standard density (size 20 IDC contacts)

As with any of these D-sub connectors provided here, the D-sub connector may either be straight-through or right angle. In either case the pin spacing as shown above remains the same; the drawing works for both a straight-through or right angle connector. The drawing represents the mating face of the connector, not the board mounting end or cable end.

Additional D-sub connector pin outs; D-Sub Connector Insert Arrangements

Refer to MIL-DTL-24308F [Connectors, Electric, Rectangular, Non-environmental, Miniature, Polarized Shell, Rack and Panel, General Specification]
D-Sub Connector Dimensions [D-Subminiature Out-lines]
Military D-Sub Connector Manufacturers [MIL-C-24308 Vendors]

26-pin D-sub Connector
High Density 26-pin D-sub
26 pin D Connector

IDC Definition

Design Recommendation;
Use a 26pin D connector when required,
Otherwise don't spec a D-sub connector.
The Dsub style design is out-dated.

EIA530 uses a 26-pin Dsub.
A style of VGA uses a 26-pin Dsub.
This connector was not widely used.
That is, a 26 pin Dsub is not common.

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