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Compact Telecommunications Computing Architecture

CompactTCA Description

The CompactTCA standard was under development starting around 2003 but was never released and then later work on the specification was abandoned.
The Compact Telecommunications Computing Architecture [CompactTCA] combined a number of CompactPCI [cPCI] specifications into a single standard. The specification was geared for the Telecommunications industry. A CompactTCA board is the same size as a CompactPCI board. The Ethernet interface provides the main transport bus in CompactTCA. cPCI [Compact Peripheral Component Interface] is electrically identical to the PCI specification, except it uses the Euro (VME) card 3U/6U format with 2mm connectors.
3U card dimensions are 100mm x 160mm x 1.6mm thick, 6U card dimensions are 233.35mm x 160mm x 1.6mm thick.

The PCI spec defines the Electrical requirements for the interface. No bus terminations are specified, the bus relies on signal reflection to achieve level threshold. The first version of the PCI bus ran at 33MHz with a 32 bit bus (133MBps), then added 64 bits at 33MHz (266MBps). The current version runs at 66MHz with a 64 bit bus (532Mbps). The PCI bus operates either synchronously or asynchronously with the "Mother Board" bus rate. While operating asynchronously the bus will operate at any frequency from 66MHz down to (and including) 0Hz. Flow control is added to allow the bus to operate with slower devices on the bus, allowing the bus to operate at their speed. The PCI specification has been port-ed to a number of other form factors.

cPCI Card size description, and Board Dimensions
cPCI Board Sizes

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