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Common Chip Capacitor Values

The table below provides the Common Non-polarized Chip Capacitor Values;
Standard Ceramic Capacitor values and manufacturers.
A chip capacitor is another method of referring to a surface mount capacitor.
Different sizes of chip capacitors are shown in the graphic at the top of the page.
Technical note; capacitor values are always provided a particular frequency and a given temperature:
For reference, most often the value of a capacitor is valid at 25 degrees C at a frequency of 1KHz.

Common Chip Capacitor Values
10pF 100pF 1000pF .01uF .1uF
12pF 120pF 1200pF .012uF .12uF
15pF 150pF 1500pF .015uF .15uF
18pF 180pF .0018uF .018uF .18uF
22pF 220pF .0022uF .022uF .22uF
27pF 270pF .0027uF .027uF .27uF
33pF 330pF .0033uF .033uF .33uF
39pF 390pF .0039uF .039uF .39uF
47uF 470pF .0047uF .047uF .47uf
56pF 560pF
68pF 680pF
82pF 820pF

The table below provides the Common polarized Chip Capacitor Values,
Standard Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Tantalum Capacitor values are listed.
Note the increase in magnitude, or increase in value by using polarized capacitors.

Common Chip Cap Values
1.0uF 10uF 100uF 1000uF
1.5uF 15uF 150uF 1500uF
2.2uF 22uF 220uF
3.3uF 33uF 330uF
4.7uF 47uF 470uF
6.8uF 68uF 680uF

Surface Mount [SM] Capacitor chips sizes may include the following:
Keep in mind that the required pad size may change depending on the manufacturer of the capacitor.

SM Chip Sizes, Inches
Case Size Length Width Height
0505 0.050 0.050 0.020
0805 0.080 0.050 0.020
1005 0.100 0.050 0.020
1206 0.126 0.063 0.020
2010 0.197 0.098 0.035
2512 0.250 0.120 0.035
2525 0.250 0.250 0.035
3725 0.375 0.250 0.035

The dimensions are in inches, are nominal and may not follow released standards.
Here are a few general rules on package size vs. component value;
A 0402 component size will get you a value up to 0.1uF.
A 0603 and 0805 are produced in values up to 4.7uF
A 1206 package will be produced up to a value of 10uF.

SM Chip Sizes, millimeters
Case Size Length Width Height
0202 20 +/- 5 20 +/- 3 15
0303 30 +/- 5 30 +/- 5 15
0403 45 +/- 5 30 +/- 5 20
0404 40 +10, -5 40 +/- 5 20
0502 50 +10, -5 25 +/- 5 20
0505 50 +10, -5 25 +/- 5 20

The dimensions are in millimeters, are nominal, and may not follow released standards.
The metric sizes are only provided as an aid, but not used elsewhere on this site.

This page topic provides both the common physical size of surface mount capacitors and their common values
The tables use the EIA component designation indicating their height, width and length.
The EIA component designation basically describes the capacitors package size, or physical shape.

Refer to the Capacitor Manufacturer Listing for capacitor vendors.

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