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Semiconductor - Charge Pump IC Manufacturers

This is a listing of Charge Pump IC manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Charge Pump ICs

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. {Charge Pumps (Switched Capacitor Regulators) - DC/DC Converters (Inductor Based Switching Regulators)}

Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc. {CMOS charge pump converter}

AME "Analog Microelectronics, Inc." {Charge Pump}

Analog Devices {Charge Pumps}

Exar {DC-DC Voltage Converter ICs, Charge Pumps}

Fairchild Semiconductor {Charge Pump Regulators, Regulated Step-Up/Step-Down Charge Pump DC/DC Converter}

Holtek Semiconductor Inc. {Charge Pump DC/DC Converter, 3v to 12 volt}

Intersil Corporation {DC-DC Converters}

Linear Technology {DC-DC Voltage Converter ICs}

Maxim Integrated Products {DC DC/Charge Pump Switching Converter-Battery Charger-LCD Display Supply}

MicroChip {Charge Pump DC-DC Converters}



National Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor {DC-DC Switching: Charge Pumps}

Ricoh {ChargePump Inverting}

Semtech {Charge Pumps; Constant Voltage, Constant Current}

STMicroelectronics {Step-up DC-DC Conversion ICs}

Texas Instruments 'TI' {DC/DC Converters, Buck-Boost Regulators, Step-up Regulators}

TOREX Semiconductor Ltd. {Charge Pump ICs}

Traco Power Products {DC/DC Voltage Converter ICs}

Vishay {Step-up and step-down controllers and converters}

XPiQ Inc.
{DC-DC Voltages Converters ICs}

Charge Pump Circuit Schematic
Charge Pump Circuit Schematic example

Charge Pump circuits are used to generate higher voltages from low voltage inputs, using capacitors as storage elements
An IC or module that uses a charge-pump circuit may not be identified as such.
Most designers might not care how the circuit generates the voltage, but charge pumps are efficient.
Although a charge-pump circuit does indicate an analog approach and not a digital approach to developing a higher voltage.

This is a listing of Charge Pump IC manufacturers. The IC types produced are listed under the company name.
Check here for additional Power Management ICs, converters, regulators and so on.

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