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Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturers

Ceramic Capacitors are Non polarized, and may be used in AC or DC circuits.
Typical capacitor values range form 1pF to 0.22uF for ceramic disks, and up to 10uF for Multi-layer ceramic chips.
Standard Ceramic Capacitor values change in multiples of 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27, 33, 39, 47, 56, 68, 82.

Ceramic Cap Vendors

AVX {NPO-X7Z-Z5U-Y5V-MIL-PRF-55681-Low Profile-High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor}

Dielectric Laboratories {Multi / Single layer Ceramic Capacitor}

EPCOS {COG-X5R-X7R-X8R-Y5V-Z5U Ceramic Capacitors}

High Energy Corp. {Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer: RF Transmitting, Pulse Capacitors, High Powered water cooled, Custom Ceramic Capacitors}

Illinois Capacitor {NPO-Y5V-Y5T-Y5U Ceramic Disk Capacitor Manufacturer}

Johanson Dielectrics {Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors}

Kemet {C0G-NP0-X7R-X5R-Z5U-Y5V dielectrics-Mil-PRF-55681/123 Ceramic Caps}

KOA Speer {Ceramic chip capacitors; NPO,X5R,X7R,Y5V,Z5U}

Meritek Electronics Corp. {Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors COG-X7R-Y5V-Z5U / Disk / Monolithic}

Minicaps {MLCC, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors, SLCC, Single Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitors}

muRata {Ceramic Capacitor MLCC Manufacturer; Chip Monolithic, High Voltage, Automotive, Safety recognized Ceramic capacitors}

NIC Components {Multilayer Ceramic Chip (MLCC) Cap Arrays}

Novacap {Multilayer Ceramic Chip (MLCC) Cap Manufacturer}

NTE {50/1000 volt Ceramic Disk/Surface Mount}

Panasonic Industrial Components {Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer}



ROHM Products {Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer: 0.5pf to 100uF capacitor values}

Surge Components Inc. {Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer: SMD MLCC, Ceramic Discs}

Taiyo Yuden {MLC - Surface Mount - Leaded}

United Chemi-Con {Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors}

Vishay {SMD - Multilayer - Disk - Plate Ceramic Caps}

Yageo {Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturer; NPO, X5R, X7R, Y5V, Z5U. Ultra small MLCCs}

Construction of a Ceramic Capacitor
Disk Capacitor Cut-away Drawing

Internal View of a Ceramic Capacitor
Ceramic Capacitor

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DOD General Specifications; [Established Reliability and Non-established Reliability]
MIL-PRF-20 Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric (Temperature Compensating)
MIL-PRF-123; Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric (Temperature Stable and General Purpose), High Reliability
MIL-PRF-31033; Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric High Reliability, Discoidal
MIL-PRF-39014; Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric (General Purpose)
MIL-PRF-49467; Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric, Multilayer, High Voltage (General Purpose)
MIL-PRF-49470; Capacitor, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric, Switch Mode Power Supply (Temperature Stable)
MIL-PRF-55681; Capacitor, Chip, Multiple Layer, Fixed, Ceramic Dielectric

The graphic shows a Molded or Preformed, radial leaded ceramic capacitor.

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A listing of Ceramic Capacitor manufacturers and vendors. The listing is subdivided by dielectric material.
The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
In many cases a particular manufacturer will produce capacitors of each dielectric material, but not in all cases.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below,
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