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CAN Bus Description

The Controller Area Network (CAN) specification defines the Data Link Layer, ISO 11898 defines the Physical Layer [shown here].
The CAN bus is a Balanced (differential) 2-wire interface running over either a Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), Un-shielded Twisted Pair (UTP), or Ribbon cable.
The pinouts on this page are associated with the CANopen protocol on a round connector. Use the links above for other types of connector styles.
For additional information refer to the main CAN Bus page, not all implementations use a round connector.
CANbus is used as a vehicle bus, for other vehicle Buses see the Automotive Bus page.
CANbus is also used as an Industrial Field bus, additional Field Buses page.

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5-Pin Mini/Micro Circular, CAN Bus Pin Out

5-Pin Micro/Mini CAN Bus PinOut
Pin # Signal names Signal Description
1 CAN_SHLD Shield, Optional
2 CAN_V+ Power, Optional
3 CAN_GND Ground
4 CAN_H Dominant High
5 CAN_L Dominant Low

Round Style, CAN Bus Pin Out

Round Style CAN Bus PinOut
9-Pin # 8-Pin # 7-Pin # Signal names Signal Description
1 3 3 CAN_H Dominant High
2 4 4 CAN_L Dominant Low
3 5 2 CAN_GND Ground
4 6 - - Reserved
5 7 - - Reserved
6 8 - - Reserved
7 1 1 CAN_V+ Power, Optional
8 2 - GND Ground
9 - - - Reserved
- - 5 DIL-1 DIP Switch 1 connected to CAN_V+
- - 6 DIL-2 DIP Switch 2 connected to CAN_V+
- - 7 DIL-3 DIP Switch 3 connected to CAN_V+

4-pin Open Style Connectors either use pins 1-4 (Version A) or pins 2-5 (Version B). 3-pin Open Style Connectors use pins 2-4. The bus node provides the male pins of the connector.

Round Flange Style, CAN Bus Pin Out

9/12-Pin Round Flange Style CAN Bus PinOut
12-Pin # 9-Pin # Signal names Signal Description
1 - - Reserved
2 7 CAN_L Dominant Low
3 8 CAN_GND Ground
4 9 - Reserved
5 - - Reserved
6 - - Reserved
7 2 CAN_H Dominant High
8 - - Not Used
9 - - Reserved
10 - GND Ground, Optional
11 - - Reserved
12 1 CAN_V+ Power, Optional
- 3 DIL-1 DIP Switch 1 connected to CAN_V+
4 DIL-2 DIP Switch 2 connected to CAN_V+
5 DIL-3 DIP Switch 3 connected to CAN_V+
6 DIL-4 DIP Switch 4 connected to CAN_V+

Design Hint: never tie a signal line to a Reserved pin.
Running a ground line to provide a reference or shield to a reserved pin is a bad idea.
Because you never know when the function of the pin might change.

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