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1N1147 semiconductor diode using ferrule terminals
Component using Ferrule Terminals

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A Ferrule is a short tube. A Ferrule is a circular clamp used to hold together and attach wires. A Ferrule can also be used with fiber-optic cables, and not just copper wires. Ferrules are normally made of plastic or metal materials. A Ferrule is used to confine the end of a wire or fiber bundle of nets. Manufacturers of Cable Ferrite Cores

Editor note; As the term ferrule refers to a short tube; it's common for a style of fuse to use a ferrule end or terminal; in many cases this style may be called a ferrule fuse. Although much less common a diode or other two terminal device may use ferrule terminals. Resistors with ferrule terminals may still be procured and are still in production; however, diodes using ferrule terminals are all but out-dated. For reference a diode using ferrule terminals is shown above. An example of a fuse using a ferrule terminal is shown on the fuse manufacturers page [Components / Mechanical / Fuses].

Definition of Connector Back-Shell

Editor note the references to diodes and resistors may seem misplaced, but they fit with the definition of ferrule.

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