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VPX Board Manufacturers

This is a general listing of VPXbus COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Self] Card manufacturers, and vendors.
VPX boards are one of the newest card types in the VME format. VPX Interface Description
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Mezzanine card Manufacturers or daughter cards are listed on their own page.
All other card formats are listed on the COTS Card Manufacturers page.
Cards listed that make reference to other bus types (MIL-STD-1553 for example) may have additional detailed information on other pages.
See the main Interface Bus page for a description of some other formats. Detailed information on the VMEbus standard may be found on it's VME Bus Definition page.
In addition to functional cards; Protoboards, Extender cards, and Prototyping board manufacturers are also listed below.
Extender boards may be either Passive [straight through] or Active [buffered signals].

VPX Card Vendors;
Bustronic Corporation
{VPX (VITA 46) Backplane}

Curtiss Wright
{6U VPX/VITA 46, dual-core 8641, 6U Single Board Computer}

Extreme Engineering Solutions
{3U/6U VPX, OpenVPX, REDI, Intel and PowerPC SBCs, I/O, Solid State Storage, Switches, Power Supplies, rugged, air- and conduction-cooled}

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Inc.
{3U Form Factor Intel Duo processor}

General Dynamics, Canada
{3U VPX-REDI Intel Core 2 Duo SBC}

Interface Concept Inc. [refer to the Kontron listing]
{Giga Ethernet switches with 10 Giga ports (XAUI)}

{3U VPX Rugged PC}

Mercury Computer Systems
{VPX Processor Card}

North Atlantic Industries
{Multifunction I/O Cards}

PCI Embedded Computer Systems
{VPX SBC Boards}

Three card heights are allowed with VME; 3U, 6U, or 9U; a single slot card is 6T wide. Length is either 160mm or 340mm (Norm).
The other possible lengths are: 100/160/220/280/340/400mm
Height is given in 'U', Length is given in 'mm', Width is given in 'T'; Most card sizes listed are one slot or 6T wide.

A size PWB = 3U x 160mm,
B size PWB = 6U x 160mm,
C size PWB = 6U x 340mm,
D size PWB = 9U x 340mm ... H x L x W {@ width=6T}

A, B, C, and D are VXI terms. VME normally only references 3U or 6U by a length.
VMEbus Extender cards come in any one of the board sizes listed above. Extender boards are used to extend the card under test out the front of the VME chassis [so it may be worked on]. The extender card will provide male connectors on one end of the card [to plug into the chassis backplane] and female connectors on the other end of the card [to allow the test card to plug in]. A VMEbus card extender may be either passive or active. A passive board extender simply runs the VMEbus signal from the backplane to the card under test. In some cases passive board extenders also provide jumpers or shunts to by-pass signals. Active extender boards provide signal buffering between the card under test and the VME bus backplane.

This is a General listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] VPX Board Manufacturers. The board products the companies produce or manufacturer are listed under the company name.
All other COTS card manufacturers [in other formats] are listed on the COTS Card page. Manufacturers of Mezzanine [Daughter] boards are listed on COT's Mezzanine Cards page. Additional Electronic Equipment may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment Icon below. Descriptions of the different Mezzanine interface buses are listed on the Mezzanine Buses page. A Description of the VMEbus interface standard is listed on the VME Bus page. Manufacturers of VME bus chassis are located on the Chassis and Cases page. Companies that manufacturer VME Backplanes are located on the Backplane page.

Any other gear can be found by using the Equipment icon at the bottom of the page.

Acronyms used above: PWB; stands for Printed Wiring Board, PCB; Printed Circuit Card, I/O; Input/Output,
OEM; Original Equipment Manufacturer, SBC; Single Board Computer, CCA; Circuit Card Assembly

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