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The STX [Smarter Technology eXtension] is defined as a general purpose System-On-Module [SOM] utilizing the same form factor as PC-104 [3.5 x 3.75 inches].
The STX form-factor is a proprietary standard. However it could be the same size as PC/104, including keeping the location of the mounting holes.
In addition to the STX module, a Baseboard [Carrier board] is also defined.
There are three common form factors for the STX baseboard; PC-104, 3.5 x 5.25 inches, and ATX.
However the baseboard may be any size.

The baseboard provides all the standard I/O interfaces found on a normal PC motherboard.
The STX modules communicates with the base board via two 200-pin connector plugs on the STX module and two 200-pin receptacles on the baseboard.

The two connectors each have a predefined set of signal interfaces that are passed between the boards.
The J1 connector handles the Flat Panel, PCI, JTAG, IrDA, KBD/Keyboard, AC97 and Ethernet interfaces.
The J2 connector has the ISA, E-IDE, Floppy disk, COM1/2, USB and CRT interfaces.
Board-to-Board height may be 5mm, 7mm, 13mm, or 15mm depending on which of two STX module plugs are used [4.5mm or 6.6mm].
A Type I STX module uses 4.6mm height plugs while a Type II STX module uses 6.6mm height plugs.

Axiomtek Co. Ltd {STX Baseboard with Multiple I/O and USB 2.0, Multiple I/O Features}

Delta Components GmbH {Standard STX Baseboard, STX all-in-one PC-module}

It doesn't appear that there are many companies that are supporting the STX standard.
Of course being a proprietary standard will always limit the number of companies producing the product.
Also there are competing standards, so companies making similar products may not be inclined to develop a competing board standard.

Listing of COM Express Board Manufacturers. COMexpress boards measure 125mm x 95mm.
Listing of COM-144 Board Manufacturers. COM-ETX [Embedded Technology eXtended] boards measure 114mm x 100mm.
Listing of COM-ETX Board Manufacturers.

Note that any time a small form-factor card is defined as some type of mezzanine, a carrier card is also required.
You can't have a mezzanine card with out a main-board to carry or support the board.

STX Module
STX Board Module

A listing of single board computer (SBC) STX Board Manufacturers and STX description.

The STX standard [Smarter Technology eXtension] may be down-loaded from this site [http://www.stx.info].

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