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This is a listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Self] PICMG 1.0 Card manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

PICMG 1.0 Board Manufacturers

An interface standard that defines an expansions card and passive backplane to support PCI-ISA PC cards.

PICMG 1.0: [1995] uses both the PCI and ISA buses on an ISA card form factor. The PICMG 1.0 form factor supplies the ISA bus fingers from the face plate back [I/O panel], the PCI fingers are than placed behind [after] the ISA fingers as shown in the graphic below. The expansion board is meant to be the Single Board Computer [SBC] installed onto a passive backplane which supports PICMG card and additional PCI and ISA expansion slots. The PICMG 1.0 form factor differs from the PISA standard because the bus interface is back-to-back [side-by-side] and not stacked one on top of another.
The PICMG 1.0 form factor is also larger than the PISA standard because it reuses both expansion connectors.
The PISA specification also defines a board standard that combines the ISA and PCI interfaces on one expansion slot.
The PISA board size is 155mm x 125mm [half size SBC], while the The PICMG 1.0 board size is around 338.5mm x 122mm.
PISA BUS Revision 1.7, 1997 [link shows the configuration of the copper fingers]
PISA express: PCI + PCI EXpress in an short ISA form factor.
PICMG 1.0: PCI and ISA buses placed one after the other (not on top of each other)
The dimensions of PICMG board is; 338.5mm x 122mm [L x W]

PICMG PCI/AT Bus CCA Card Dimensions
PICMG 1.0 PCI/ISA Style Board Interface

This board format seems to be EOL and out of production.
This is an older and out-dated board style that uses older & slower interface standards.
The PISA card uses the IBM ISA bus which has been obsolete for a number of years now, replaced by the PCI bus. In addition, the PCI bus used is in the process of being replaced by the PCIexpress bus. So both board interfaces are out-dated, this board specification should not be used in new designs.
Also the fact that both of these standards were released in 1995 indicates the age of these standards.

A General listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] Card Manufacturers and Related sites. The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order. In addition to functional cards, Prototyping Boards, Prototyping Cards, and Active/Passive Extender Board Manufacturers are also listed above.

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