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Nano-ITX Board Manufacturers

Nano-ITX [Nano-I Technology eXtended] is an embedded motherboard board, based on the industry-standard x86 architecture.
Nano-ITX was developed by VIA and introduced in 2005.
The size of the nano-ITX board is 120mm x 120mm [length x width], and is just larger than the pico-ITX format of 72mm x 100mm.

Nano-ITX Mainboards support all the common features; DDR2, SATA, CF card, VGA port, USB ports and so on.
As of 2011 VIA currently offers four different Nano-ITX models.
VIA {Nano-ITX Mainboards}
To be clear, VIA may be the only company that supports the main-board format.
So this would be a sole source main-board format approach.

All other types of board manufacturers are listed on the Industrial Board Manufacturers
Listing of Embedded Motherboard manufacturers.
Note that some companies use the term mainboard and some companies use the phrase mother-board.
Normally embedded uses adapt the term Main-Board, while commercial users stick with the generic Mother-Board term.

ATX motherboard compared to ITX form factors [photo from Via web site]
ITX Form Factor Size Comparison

The graphic visually compares the sizes of different motherboards and single board computers;
Standard-ATX: 305mm x 244mm [a standard personal computer]
Micro-ATX: 243.84mm x 243.84mm [reduced foot-print computer]
Mini-ITX: 170mm x 170mm [embedded applications]
Nano-ITX: 120mm x 120mm [compact digital display and signage applications]
Pico-ITX: 72mm x 100mm [mobile device applications]
Mobile-ITX: 60mm x 60mm [board format not shown in the graphic]

Engineering note; the trade off in obtaining the small size is less functionality, reduced I/O and no expansion capability.
For example the ATX board has 6 expansion slots, the microATX size offers 3 expansion slots and the miniITX only has one slot.
While the NanoITX board doesn't contain any card expansion slots, but it is smaller in size with a reduced foot-print.

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] Nano-ITX Card Manufacturers NanoITX board manufacturers.
Terms used to describe this card would include; Motherboard, Main-board, Single board computer, or Embedded mother-board.

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