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Mini-ITX Board Manufacturers

Mini-ITX Board Manufacturers

Mini-ITX [Mini - I Technology eXtended] is an embedded mother board board, based on the industry-standard x86 architecture.
Mini-ITX was developed by VIA in 2001. Some companies use the term Embedded Single Board Computer (SBC), and not mother-board.
Other manufacturers list the board format as an industrial motherboard.
The size of the Mini-ITX board is 170mm x 170mm [width x length].

The Mini-ITX format is within the ITX family of embedded computer boards, but of course doesn't rely on the other form factors.
Normally the only relationship to the other board sizes is functionality, although a reduced set because of the smaller board size.
Notice, in the graphic below, how the number and style of connectors change as the board format is reduced in size.

Who makes Mini-ITX motherboards:
Processors are not normally specified in the standard, so through-put increases regardless of the released date of the specification.
Axiomtek {Mini-ITX Motherboard with Inetl processors}

Commell {Intel Mini-ITX Motherboard}

iBase {Mini-ITX Motherboards; LGA775, Socket 478, 479}

Kontron {AMD and Intel Mini-ITX Motherboard manufacturer}

Lippert {Mini-ITX Motherboards; Intel Pentium M, 2 Ethernet ports, 6 USB 2.0, serial and parallel, miniPCI slot for extension}

VIA {Mini-ITX Mainboards}

All other board manufacturers are listed on the Industrial Board Manufacturers [including a size comparison].
Embedded Motherboard manufacturers [Single Board Computers].

The miniITX example provides one PCI expansion slot, 2 DIMM slots and connections for both a floppy and HDD.
All the other standard I/O is also included in the layout, as shown in the graphic below.

ITX Mainboard formats compared, generated by Via
ITX size comparison between different ITX form factors

For reference the ATX motherboard is 305mm by 244mm, around twice the size [Motherboard Formats].
The Mini-ITX form factor is designed to fit standard ATX mount points.
Normally moving to one of these form-factors is because of size, reduced functionality is a given.
For example the reduced number of expansions slots, or memory slots when compared to a larger motherboard.

Editor note; I can't remember if I've seen the miniITX specification.
However if the standard defines specific bus expansions, like PCI [seen in the graphic], then it may be dated.
As most mother-boards use PCIe as a video expansion slot.
The mini-ITX graphics do show a PCI expansion connector, but does not mean it can't be another type.
Many board formats only define the size and not necessarily the individual functions on the board.

It's interesting to note that the battery used to retain memory is mounted 90 degrees to the board to save space.
The height of the battery off the board would still be lower than the expansion memory sticks.

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] Mini-ITX Card Manufacturers and Related sites.

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