Industrial Board Formats x Square Area

Board types compared by size

Board Form Factors, for application selection by foot-print

Board formats in order of Square Area below; or by alphabetic order
Embedded MotherBoards, or Stand-Alone Embedded SBCs.

The card formats are ordered by area; just length multiplied by width.

ESMexpress: 3125mm2, 125mm x 25mm
Mobile-ITX: 3600mm2, 60mm x 60mm
ESMini: 5225mm2, 95mm x 55mm
DIMM-PC: 6800mm2, 68mm x 100mm [DIMM Memory Card Size]
Pico-ITX: 7200mm2, 72mm x 100mm
PC-104: 8640mm2, 90mm x 96mm [PC/104-Plus, and PCI-104]
PCI-104: 8640mm2, 90mm x 96mm [No ISA bus adopts PCI bus]
STX: 8640mm2, 90mm x 96mm
E2Brain: 8625mm2, 75mm x 115mm [Embedded Electronic Brain]
microETXexpress: 9025mm2, 95mm x 95mm
ETX: 10830mm2, 114mm x 95mm [SOM-ETX]
ETXexpress: 10830mm2, 114mm x 95mm
COM-ETX: 11020mm2, 116mm x 95mm
COM-Express: 11875mm2, 125mm x 95mm
COM-144: 11400mm2, 114mm x 100mm [DIMM Memory format]
AMC: 13320mm2, 72mm x 185mm, Mezzanine CCA format
Nano-ITX: 14400mm2, 120mm x 120mm
ESB 3.5: 14709mm2, 101.6mm x 144.78mm 4 x 5.7 inch [W x L]
JREX: 14994mm2, 102mm x 147mm 3.5" inch [W x L]
ECX: 15330mm2, 105mm x 146mmIntel open standard SFF, 2005
EPIC: 18975mm2, 115mm x 165mm
PISA: 19375mm2, 155mm x 125mm [Legacy bus interfaces]
Em-ITX: 20400mm2, 170mm x 120mm
ESB 5.25: 29419mm2, 203.2mm x 144.78mm 8 x 5.7 inch [W x L]
EBX: 29638mm2, 146mm x 203mm
ePCI-X: 29638mm2, 146mm x 203mm [Embedded PCI eXtended]
Mini-ITX: 28900mm2, 170mm x 170mm
PICMG 1.0: 41297mm2, 338.5mm x 122mm
EmbATX: 59457mm2, 243.84mm x 243.84mm [EmbeddedATX]
ATX: 74420mm2, 305mm x 244mm [Standard PC motherboard]

Use the alphabetic list of COTS Cards to see the complete list of card types. The listing above only supports cards that do not require a backplane.
Equipment Chassis Manufacturers [Any card format]
Standard/Embedded MotherBoard Form Factors [Board sizes and Socket types]
BackPlane Manufacturers

The board sizes listed above are approximate, review the standards to obtain the correct board size. The card sizes listed in square millimeters from smallest to largest. The standard dimensions are Length by Width, and include connectors extending past the card edge. These board formats may be used as a Stand-alone computer, or may require a backplane or mother board. Pages point to manufacturers, interface bus descriptions and board sizes.

The entries with no link either do not provide a board description or a listing of manufacturers. In many cases a board description my be included on another similar listing and differ only in board size.

Marketing terms, or terms that already describe a board specification are not listed. So some terms used by a few manufacturers which describe their individual product that are already defined by a board format specification may not be listed. This applies to company branding of a product line, which would confuse the difference between two product lines.

Motherboards stacked together to show size differences

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