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This is a listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Self] EPIC Card manufacturers.
EPIC is describe as an SBC with a size half-way between a PC/104 card and the EBX SBC format.
In fact EPIC is basically a carrier card for a PC/104 stack, that also happens to be a Single Board Computer [SBC].
The EPIC standard supports the PC/104 standard [J1 & J2] and PC/104 plus standard [J3].
The EPIC format is designed to function as Single Board Computer with expansion capabilities via the PC/104 stack.

EPIC Board Manufacturers

The list of manufacturers represent the companies producing a product the last time this page was updated.
Or at least the companies that were discovered on the last check, but there may be more or less companies supporting the format.

EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) with a form factor of: 115mm x 165mm [4.5" x 6.5"].
However much of the board area is reserved for a PC104 board.
EPIC boards are smaller then the EBX standard, but larger than the PC104 standard.
EPIC is an embedded SBC format which also supports PC/104 modules, PC/104 Plus and PCI/104 modules.
EPIC is an Embedded Motherboard standard for Single Board Computers with a keep-out for a PC/104 stack.

Axiomtek Co. Ltd
{Intel Pentium M EPIC SBC with DualView, Fast Ethernet and PC/104 104+ Expansion}

Octagon Systems
{EPIC SBC boards}

{EPIC Single Board Computers}

Editor note; The EPIC Express standard would be EPIC version to use, this is the older version.
This version of EPIC supports the ISA version of PC/104, the EPIC Express version only support PCI/104.

Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing (EPIC) Specification
Version 1.00, March 22, 2004

EPIC Specification (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing)
Version 2.0, February 27, 2006

Like many other mother board formats the primary function of the standard is to the define the form factor or size of the base board.
Secondarily the EPIC standard defines the location of the connectors and functions.
The EPIC specification uses the term zones to describe the different area defined for particular functions.
One of the problems with the EPIC standard is that it defines all three of the PC-104 stack connectors.
However the PCI-104 standard dropped ISA support and the J1/J2 connectors some time ago.

As with many other board form factors; a new specification was released to carry only the PCIe version, dropping the older ISA functionality.
So the EPIC board that handled the PC/104 & PC/104 Plus standards is now EPIC Express and only supports the PCI/104 standard.

Related topics; EPIC Express., which would be the upgrade path. Additional embedded single board computer formats.

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] EPIC Board Manufacturers and related boards.
The devices and motherboards the companies produced are listed under the company name which is indexed in alphabetic order.
This is a mother-board format, so there are no Extender Boards.

Editor note: I just cross checked the links on this page and only found the few remaining EPIC vendors listed here.
The previous listed equipment vendors no longer showed any products in the EPIC format.
So either the EPIC format no longer has a sufficient consumer base for the vendors to produce the cards.
Or there is another board format that is now replacing or being used in the niche the EPIC card was being used for.
Either way, this site is not making a judgment, only reporting the sites found that appear to support EPIC boards.
Each of the company sites that were previously listed was checked for EPIC cards in any of the subcategories the site had;
SBC, Embedded SBC, Mother Boards, and Embedded Motherboards; depending on how the site was structured.

How ever, as stated above, the industry is moving toward PCIe so interest in board formats that supported the ISA interface are being dropped.
So you should consider the EPIC format as a legacy only product, supporting embedded systems that are already fielded.
Of course an EPIC board would never be used when a PC/104 stack was not used, half of the board area is devoted to the PC/104.

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