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This is a listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Self] EPIC Express SBC Card manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

The EPIC Express Specification: Stackable PCI Express Expansion for EPIC, The Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing.
Version 0.80, released in 8/2005. [The version I found, not sure if there's a revision]

EPIC Express Board Manufacturers

EPIC Express (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) with a form factor of: 115mm x 165mm [4.5" x 6.5"].
The exact size of the original EPIC form factor; however the physical size is dimensioned as 4.328 x 6.296 for both boards.
EPIC boards are smaller then the EBX standard, but larger than the PC104 standard. EPIC is an embedded SBC format which also supports PC/104 modules.
EPIC is an Embedded Motherboard standard for Single Board Computers.
EPIC Specification: Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing, Version 2.0, 2006

The EPIC specification used the J1 and J2 connectors for an ISA interface, and the J3 connector for a PCI interface.
The EPIC Express specification removed the J1 & J2 connectors, kept the J3 PCI connector and added stackable PCIe connectors.

Axiomtek Co. Ltd
{Socket M Intel Core2 Duo EPIC Express SBC with Intel 945GME+ICH7M Chipset, DVI-I/LCD and Firewire}

{EPIC Express boards with Intel N270 and i7/ i5/ Celeron processors}

{EPIC Express board with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports}

Related OEM Boards;
EPIC boards [the original specification] with PC104 ISA support.
Additional embedded single board computer formats.

Editor note; The manufacturers do not seem to break out the EPIC board offerings from the EPIC Express Boards.
So it's a bit difficult to discern if a particular board has the newer PCI Express connectors or not.
For what ever reason you have to drill-down into the data sheet to determine what version the EPIC card compiles with.

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] EPIC Express Board Manufacturers and related boards.
The single board computers the companies produced are listed under the company name.
This is an SBC format, or embedded computer board, so there are no Extender Boards.

Related abbreviations used above:
I/O; Input/Output, The signals running into or out of a circuit board.
OEM; Original Equipment Manufacturer, the company that manufactured the card.
SBC; Single Board Computer, Any circuit board that functions as a stand-alone computer.
CCA; Circuit Card Assembly, A circuit card with all the components populated on it.
SOM; System On Module, A much smaller style of Single Board Computer.
CSB; Customer Solution Board, A custom board design.

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