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This is a listing of COTS EATX Mother Board Manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Extended ATX Board Manufacturers

EATX (Extended ATX), form factor: 305mm x 330mm
12" x 13.05" Mother Board for Server applications [a commercial motherboard].
The Extended ATX form factor is just slightly larger than the commercial version of ATX [304.8mm x 243.84mm]
There is also an EmbeddedATX format [EmbATX] as well which is 243.84mm x 243.84mm.


{Extended ATX Mainboards}

{Extended ATX footprint}

Motherboard Manufacturers, ATX and other styles.

List of Motherboard styles and sizes, form factors. Listed by board name and socket type.

The EATX provides more board space over standard ATX motherboards, which is 12 by 9.6 inches.
There is also another variant called Enhanced Extended ATX.
Much of the additional space is used by DIMM memory module sockets, from 2 to 4 used in ATX systems to 2 to 6 [per bank] in EATX boards.
Of course like ATX, the motherboard specification is not processor specific, so both AMD or Intel processors are used.
More than one cpu socket may also be found on server boards, which of course could be single or multi-core processors.
Server boards also support different types of DIMMs than normal motherboards.

ATX Mother-Board Family Dimensions
Form Factor
EmbATX 9.6 in. [243.84 mm] 9.6 in. [243.84 mm] 92.16 in.2 [594.58 cm2]
FlexATX 9.0 in. [228.60 mm] 7.5 in. [190.50 mm] 67.5 in.2 [435.48 cm2]
microATX 9.6 in. [243.84 mm] 9.6 in. [243.84 mm] 92.16 in.2 [594.58 cm2]
ATX, full size 12 in. [304.80 mm] 9.6 in. [243.84 mm] 115.2 in.2 [743.22 cm2]

In commercial applications these are called motherboards, but in embedded applications their called main-boards.
There isn't much difference between any of the motherboard form factors, other than size.
The functionality of any motherboard is depended on size, with the smaller ones offering reduced capability.
Smaller motherboards may have fewer card expansion slots, or fewer DIMM slots.
Some of the board dimensions keep some or all of the same mounting hole locations, so they can mount in the same chassis.
However in some cases functionality is move about, expansion slots move, the processor location moves and so on.
Note; for what ever reason the EATX specification is not found on-line, or not located yet.

Additional styles of OEM Industrial Board Manufacturers.

Note ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended, so EATX stands for Extended Advanced Technology eXtended.

A General listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] EATX Server Main-board Manufacturers and Related sites.
Buying a EATX server board is not the same as an ATX motherboard.
Normally you would get the motherboard with the server blade, or chassis, and not just the stand-alone motherboard.
Also when the need arose you would get a replacement mother-board from the same vendor that sold the server blade.

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