Industrial E2Brain Board Format

Embedded Electronic Brain [E2Brain] is an industrial board format developed by Kontron Modular Computers. The term E2Brain is Trade Mark by Kontron Modular Computers. The E2Brain Module Specification was released in Feb. 2005
[Specification for Embedded Electronic Brains]
The E2Brain form-factor is a proprietary standard.

The form factor for the E2Brain PCB module is 115mm x 75mm.
With a variable stacking height from 5.0 to 11.0 millimeters.

"E2Brain. defines up to four high speed serial ports operating in synchronous, asynchronous, or TDM modes, up to three LAN ports (10/100/1000 MBits/s), and also defines (G)MII and UTOPIA ports for connecting PHYs to optical carrier based networks. Two CAN ports are part of the E2Brain specification as well." Kontron

Four connectors are defined [Pn1-Pn4] on this Mezzanine board.
The pinouts are also listed in the standard.

E2Brain data usage;
I just ran a check using this sites analytics to determine interest in the E2Brain format.
The data, from this site, indicates that only one person per day reads this information and seems to be fairly constant between 2007 and 2011. Unfortunately because the term 'E2Brain' is not heavily used on the search engines I can't retrieve any search history. It's difficult to make any conclusion regarding how an interface standard or board format is doing based only on data from this web site, but it is a proprietary format.

The original E2Brain standard still appears to be valid and also carries the same 2005 release date. In any case, board formats are listed here with out regard to how large a market they have, or how many units are sold. In fact, metrics like market size aren't even covered for any of the board formats, only the physical and electrical characteristics. The editor makes no judgment what so ever in regards to using a particular board format based on what other companies are doing. However; when a standard does become out-dated, a comment might be included indicating that a product is legacy and a newer format should be used.

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