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COM [Computer On Module] are embedded processor boards designed to use reduced form factor sizes.
The acronym COM is used by a lot of manufacturers to define a small Single Board Computer [SBC].
The basic use of COM is generic except when applied to another term which than defines a specific board form factor.
The selection of a particular COM board is based on its form factor and capabilities.
However the capabilities of any given COM board diminishes as the size is reduced.

The links point to topics that cover the form factor and companies making products complying to the specification.

Listing of COM Express Board Manufacturers.
COMexpress boards measure 125mm x 95mm.

Listing of COM-144 Board Manufacturers.
COM-144 boards measure 68mm x 100mm.

Listing of COM-ETX Board Manufacturers.
COM-ETX [Embedded Technology eXtended] boards measure 114mm x 100mm.

Listing of STX Board Manufacturers.
Smarter Technology eXtended boards measure 3.5 x 3.75 inches [same form factor as PC-104].

All other types of board manufacturers are listed on the COTS Card Manufacturers
Additional Embedded SBCs and mother boards, Industrial Board Manufacturers

Additional COM formats [which might be listed under COM or Embedded computers, depending on the manufacturer]
SOM-144: 68 mm x 100 mm [SOM usually stands for System On Module]
COM-Ultra: 84 mm x 55 mm
COMIT: 75 mm x 62 mm [Computer On Module Interconnect Technology]
CoreExpress [65mm x 58mm, a style of COM board]
ESMexpress: 95 x 125 mm [A rugged version of COM Express form factor]
ESMini: 95 x 55 mm
QSeven: 70 mm x 70 mm [a unique name that relates to the dimensions]
PIC based COM: An example of a small SBC produced with no released specification.

Some COM specifications may define a number of board formats, which might be detailed in one spec or covered on individual specs.
The COM Express standard, for example covers three different board formats. The size listed is the basic board size.
The ETX family also includes a few different form factors; for example the nanoETXexpress Standard.
Because of the different form factors, each type of COM board offers a different amount of capabilities.
However in general a COM board offers the function of a single board computer in a small form factor.

The acronym COM, which means Computer-On-Module is generic and could represent any number of board formats.
Because the term defines a class of computer boards, companies could use the term to cover almost any board format.

Editor note; I'm not sure that the industry clearly defines the difference between a COM board and a SOM board.
Although I could assume that a COM board has at least a processor [Computer] and than the most basic of other functions.
While a SOM [System-On-Module] board contains additional functionality beyond that of the base processor.
The COMIT standard listed above might be a COM standard or used by one, however; the standard only deals with an I/O connector.
It's unclear which COM board specifications use the COMIT standard, although at least one might because there's a form factor listed.

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] Computer-On-Module styles and Related form factors.
Search for embedded card manufacturers by function/specification or by board size/form factor.

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